How to Write a College Application Essay

September 16, 2022

Each student faces the problem of writing an application essay when entering college, especially if he focuses on the graduate or postgraduate levels.

A purpose of such an essay is to convince the members of the admissions office that an author is living up to getting the education in this institution. The grades of the testimonial, recommendations, and achievements of the prospective student are also considered.

That is why you must write about yourself the truthful and exciting information. In this case, your chances of entering the university would increase significantly. And vice versa, the illogical and untruthful essay would limit your opportunities.

Let’s take a closer look at the structure and writing methods of college application papers to be set for their successful presentation. The trouble with writing? No ideas? Use our essay help online!


Read and understand the requirements for the application essay

Find the description of the requirements for an application essay on the university’s official website. They may be different depending on the specialty and level of education. You may also find the college application essay examples and use them while writing your own.

Pay attention to the questions you should cover and the required words.

Choose a Topic for Your Essay

Usually, there are several formulaic issues that the universities offer for their freshers. However, sometimes you may face unordinary themes that make you ponder the issues.

You may find good essay topics for college applications on our resources and among the reviews of the former applicants.

The good essay topics

From the great variety of the samples, the following themes are the most frequently used:

  • Describe the event which has changed your attitude to life.
  • How your failure helped you to improve yourself?
  • Describe a problem you’ve solved by yourself.
  • Describe your background, talents, hobbies, and achievements.
  • Answer the question of why exactly you should study in this college.
  • Tell us about your strong and weak points.

Think Over the Plan of Writing

Make a list of the questions you have to answer in your papers.

Who are you? What is important for you? Which results and achievements you have obtained during the studying process? Why do you want to devote your life to this particular profession?

Confirm your answers with specific examples.

Moreover, it would be best if you gave a detailed answer to why you chose this college.

That is why you learn as much as possible about this educational institution and determine what makes it unique.

Write an introduction and thesis.

Before writing an essay, you have to prepare the thesis. It is the main sentence that presents the leading idea of the work. It should be concrete and summarize the basic concept of a paper.

Define the structure

Think about which paragraphs would become a part of your essay and how they would connect. Do not forget to include the introduction and conclusion.

If you have written a detailed and comprehensive plan, the writing process would be simply the improvement of what you already have.

Compose your text according to a college application essay format and template.

Paragraph 1: Introduction.

Attract the reader’s attention, presenting interesting information about yourself.

Here you should present the leading idea of your text.

Paragraphs 2,3,4: The main body.

  • Tell me about your achievements and strong points.
  • Show that you are academically prepared for the selected program of study.
  • Describe the professional purposes.
  • Explain your reasoning.


Repeat and prove your main idea. Connect the conclusion with the introductory part.

Find a convincing and sincere tone, which would not be very official. Remember that your style of writing reflects your personality.


List all the attachments you included in your application, and briefly describe your portfolio.


The structure. Do you have a logical connection between the paragraphs?

The sincerity of tone. Cross all the high emotional adjectives and adverbs.

The unity of style. Does it sound professional or colloquial?

The length of an essay. It should be brief and informative. The standard size is two-three pages or 500 words.

The concreteness. Do not use general phrases without any message.

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