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Hamlet Essay: Critical Questions and Analysis

Any critical approach to the character of Hamlet will display how for any age it is easy to relate to the greater questions that Hamlet poses in the concern for humanity. His feelings of alienation are not just culmination of the Elizabethan quandary with the findings of new sciences and existential questions, but these are issues that have transcended time and age and still plagued humanity.

That is why the figure of Hamlet gets universal appeal down the centuries with his struggle to maintain personal integrity in a world that has gone down and lost its reflection on humanity. Just as Hamlet is urged by his father’s ghost to take revenge, there are different urges and leading to the supernatural initiation in his actions and the effects that follow. He becomes the slow avenger to his father’s murder and in effect the avenger to the murder of idealism, the robbing of innocence with malice.

On this path of tragedy he also finds the conflicting concerns of humanity along with some very important answers to the entire existence of mankind.

The grave digging scene is one of the primary places where the whole question of human drama as opposed to the universal theme of life’s meaning and purpose in the phase of death and annihilation have been posed.

There are seeming inconsistence and constant debilitation of Hamlet’s character and conduct along with extensive pondering of the variant suppositions to conjectural ingenuity that take shape within his mind. Some of the processes that work with Hamlet’s psyche are inexplicable but it also shows Shakespeare’s deeper understanding and rooting for the mental sciences along with the combination of the philosophical questions that have traced scholars and students of his time and age.

The fundamental laws of nature and their connection do not tend to change, thus these deeper questions from Hamlet have allured us all down the winding steps of human civilization. In any country where the literature of England has been fostered, Hamlet has been the most loved character for with every age his importance does not tarnish but only keep bringing more questions to the changing faces of time.

There are also questions of healthy processes of balance within mankind.

Though man has been distinguished from animals over his own intellectual philosophical recesses of his inner reflection, humanity keeps losing that through many phases. The questions have been posed to bring inner reflections as well bringing balance with what man desires and what he puts out as work and actions towards the outer world.

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With Hamlet’s endless searching for the integrity of mankind Hamlet seems to have lost the balance in his vow to bring resolution which only ends up in bloody murder and self killing. But also Hamlet seems to give up in the sea of meaninglessness that he finds in the existential penitence that he is suffering from.

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