Descriptive Essay Topics

March 3, 2017

High schools and colleges always suggest narrative essays as a common type of test.

An essay is a good way to display your knowledge of the topic, writing skills, and overall literacy, as well as provide teachers with some additional information about student’s psychological portrait, interests and hobbies, prospects, plans, and desires – literally, essays shows what kind of a person the author is.

Four types of narrative essays

  • Descriptive essay – one of the most popular types in which writer describes something.
  • Story telling essay – another very common type. It is written in a form of a story, with a plot, characters, and logical timeline.
  • Investigative essay – a researching type, suggesting students take some interesting topic and investigate it, finding and presenting facts and evidence and making conclusions according to those.
  • Persuasive essay – another researching type, but has an opposite goal comparing to an investigative essay. The author presents a subject and his own personal attitude, then finds facts and evidence to persuade readers and make them feel the same about the subject of research.

Choosing descriptive essay topics

A descriptive essay is the easiest type of all four. It is aimed at creativity, not researching. You write about what you see or something you know everything about, make a description of physical appearance and other characteristics.

But it is a trick: sometimes teachers make a descriptive essay topics list, which includes some themes. But they do not want to read about boring facts but expect you to add something interesting to this description. Try to add some of your personal emotions.

For example, this is a description of a red car: “This car is red”. But compare: “Seen in the sunlight, the flashy red color of this car instantly drags everyone’s attention”. See the difference? So, starting to write a descriptive essay, start with making a list of facts, and then add some attitude to each of these facts.

Topics to write a descriptive essay about are numerous. But we can do your essay for you!

If there is no exact theme, you can write about anything or know well: a person, an item, a place. When looking for good descriptive essay topics just try to choose an object, which calls for some kind of emotion in you – it would be much easier to add creativity to your narration!

What could these objects be? And what are some examples of topics?

  • Favorite place: “Dubai Fountain – the biggest dancing fountain in the world”, “Ocean Drive Beach – the best place to clear my mind”
  • An artistic masterpiece: “Leaning Tower of Piza – illogical beauty”, “Stradivarius Violin – immortal sound mystery”
  • A person: “Meeting a real Indian Swami”
  • Simply an item: “The car I dream of”, “My Halloween costume”
  • An important moment of life: “My Graduation day”, “The day I met my best friend Tom”
  • And much more.

Finding topics for descriptive essays high school teachers consider a part of a test. Aiming at students’ smart and quick wit, teachers only assign what type of narrative essay needs to be written.
The situation is different in colleges: descriptive essay topics for college students are most likely preset, as they require deeper discovery of a matter.

It is very easy to find a good topic for your descriptive narration essay. Just try to think of something that touches your heart.

Something you would like to tell others about. Something you think others might like to more of. An object or action that influenced your life in a way, no matter good or bad – it did not leave you indifferent.

Show what you feel about it in a most sincere way – and be sure to get a really good result!

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