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5 Helpful Tricks To Start Off A Descriptive Essay

01 Aug 2017

A descriptive essay is a very detailed form of an essay. It is only justified when the reader gets the vivid image of what you are describing. It requires detail study of the subject. The purpose of writing descriptive essay is to describe something richly.

Going in detail

Your writing should grab the reader’s attention. You to get his attention you would have to be very poetic and dramatic. Going in detail means to describe everything in detail. For example if you are talking about any device, you should tell about all the qualities of the device, color, model, function and size.

Brainstorming session

Think before you write. Write down all the details you know about your topic, for instance, your instructor asks you write about the personality you like. List down all the things you know about him including physical appearance. For example. His complexion, hair height. Think of his habits or the things you like about him, things you don’t like, reason of liking and disliking. What is so special in him that inspires you?

Other details like his birth place and date.

Selection of language and writing tone

Choose expressive words to describe your imagination clearly to the reader. Be very precise in your writing. Add similes and metaphors to give examples. This will help the reader to understand your point well.

Uses of senses

Use your five senses to tell the reader what exactly you are trying to tell, so that the reader could also experience it. For example, I could hear the rustling sound of green leaves while walking at the countryside of the beautiful blue bay. The cool breeze was blowing and the clouds were so close to me that I could have touched them. My feet could feel the softness of sand. These lines create a beautiful picture in the reader’s mind.

They engage the reader’s interest and pursue him to read your paper.


It is the first paragraph of your essay. It has to be very interesting. If you have taken a good start, then you are going to create an excellent essay paper. Create an outline of your essay as it will help in mentioning all the points that you may forget later.

Rough draft

Always start with a rough draft. Start creating your draft when you are conducting research on your topic.

Copy down all information that you require. It will be helpful for you when you will be editing.

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