Critical Reception Essay of Elizabethan Tragedy Macbeth

July 31, 2017

“Macbeth” is a complex play and the critical and analytical receptions to it are many sided. For instance, though there is the Christian and pagan idea of good and evil at interplay here, there are various other notions of matrixes that take shape in the nucleus of the play.

The feminist viewpoint to the play has been distorted as we see that the seat of the tragedy is coined by those sexless “witches”. In fact the seed of the supernatural, darker spirits come as a conjunction of the male and female, a crossover function that does not conform to the bases of the society. The theme of the pagan and the Christian ruling thus combines and conspires to follow through the tragic patterns and unraveling the characteristic flaws present within humans.

“Macbeth” is a play that tries to bring in senses through the complicated advocacy of the way the human person works when tilted with boiling ambition.

The seed of the supernatural or the prophecy from the weird sisters come as the instigator to the political ambitions that the autumnal couple had been harboring. Their humane guards are all drawn when these very prophecies lure them into wringing out the worse in meeting their political ambitions. In case of the dual circles played by the crossover elements of the prophecies, bring the intrinsic elemental plays of the illusions as against the reality.

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The prophecies include such self alluring and even dual ended meanings that leads Macbeth to murder his friend Banquo, after the murder of Duncan himself. There is also the second consultation that warns him of Macduff but also assures Macbeth that no one born of a woman’s womb has the power to defeat him and it would likely never happen until the Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane or his castle.

With the unraveling of the rest of the plot these very prophecies prove to be counteractive and the very mystery of the unseen comes to be a major player of reality. After Macduff leaves Macbeth attacked his whole family and kills the children to save his throne.

As Lady Macbeth soon dies of guilt the other factors hastening to Macbeth’s further doom comes over.

Macduff joins with Malcolm to lead the army from Birnam, camouflaging it with trees and advancing towards Dunisnane. Macduff who was born of Caesarian section and not of ordinary birthing soon kills Macbeth making Malcolm the king and thus bringing full circle to the cons of the witches’ prophecies.

This is thus a play that culminates the tragedy crossing the deals of the infringement of the illusions of fate and the work that human beings can still hold responsible in their own hands.

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