The Best Accounting Essay and Dissertation Topics

December 15, 2016

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The backbone of any business is accounting. It is used to assemble financial information about a business entity. This financial information is used by investors, lenders, management and other decision makers. By this process they can easily judge the financial position of the company and accounting helps them to know the position of their assets, liabilities, income and expenses.

Accounting is one of the main subjects of commerce students and when students choose commerce as a major subject, they have to write the term paper, essay, need help with dissertation or coursework on accounting. Mostly, students face difficulty in choosing a topic while writing any paper.

Following are some accounting topics, by which students can easily take essay help.

Accounting Essay or Article Topics

• What is the accounting?
• Four basic financial statements
• Steps in writing financial report
• Attitudes to risks – a comparison of different types of investors
• Outsourcing strategic cost management
• Difference between management and financial accounts
• History of accounting
• Accounting data in strategic decision-making
• How to prepare financial statements
• Cash flow structure
• Accounting contract theory
• Accounting types
• What is costing system
• Accounting basics for start-ups 
• Methods of inventory valuation
• Importance of cash flow
• How to measure the cash flow
• Fundamentals of mortgage loan
• An introduction to bookkeeping
• What is project accounting
• Basics of fund accounting
• Process of calculating diluted earnings per share
• How to create dividend policies

 Accounting  Dissertation or Thesis Topics

• An introduction to E-Accounting
• The concept of money measurement
• Relation of accounting and managerial behavior
• Comparison competition between assets and liabilities
• Setting up goals and budget for businesses
• Understanding the income statement and balance sheet accounts
• Building a business plan
• Is performance management is necessary?
• Workouts and defaults in restaurant mortgage loan 
• Junction of accounting principles with IFRS

Above are some accounting essays and dissertation topics that can help students in choosing a topic of their interest.

While selecting a topic, it is necessary that students select a topic on which they have some knowledge and on which they can easily write

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