Types of Essay Writing

December 14, 2016

Essay writing is a vast field to study. It follows specific rules and it has a standard format to be followed. It is not just an ordinary assignment; it is more than that.

It has numerous types which are easy to understand and the guidelines are necessary to be strictly followed.

The types of essays commonly written by paper writer from CustomWriting are: 

CRITICAL: A critical essay is based on a viewpoint that is presented in a reading. It is not the just criticism on anyone’s work; it must be supported with strong arguments and evidence to criticize positively.

PERSUASIVE: It is of convincing type, and it delivers such ideas that are acceptable for the readers to persuade them. 

ARGUMENTATIVE: It desperately needs reasoning and drawing conclusions out of it. It includes theories and assertions. They are opinion based essays.

NARRATIVE: They are story based essays. Such an essay delivers a defined viewpoint which is then delivered with emotions to indulge the reader in your writing. 

DESCRIPTIVE: A writer’s observations are shared in it. A writer shares experience to make the reader aware of the reason. 

EXPOSITORY: They describe a subject by giving others’ opinion regarding a certain event or happening. They are like a report.

PERSONAL: It helps in revealing the complete personality of an author depicting the past or present experiences that have made him/ her to share. 

COLLEGE APPLICATION: Application essays are intended to be written to get admission in a particular college or institution.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: It is an essay that reveals two similar compositions and states the differences and similarities among them. 

CAUSE AND EFFECT: It is a kind of essay that shows the ability of a writer to give reasons for certain consequences. It also studies the effects of such consequences.

REFLECTIVE: It reflects personal experiences started with the author’s perception. 

The essay types stated here do not represent all types of essay writing prevalent in the academia. These are some commonly used essay types around the world.

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