Gun Control Argumentative Essay

August 16, 2017

Gun control issue is one of the most controversial topics in the U.S. realia. Some think that the laws should abandon weapons-bearing, some support the laws that exist and claim the necessity for each American to have a shotgun at home.

To understand this confusing topic better, our reader is offered to consider the following issues in our gun control argumentative essay.

What Does the Gun Control Law Implicate?

Gun control laws in the U.S. consider that each citizen has a right to possess a firearm for self-defense and protection of his/her home. Some states and cities prohibit that an individual carries a weapon in public in an open manner; some require licenses to purchase the weapon. However, the main point here is that the majority does not. Only the convicted felons and the mentally ill are not allowed to carry firearms! But let us imagine how many mentally ill are not acknowledged as mentally ill and they are free to go to the shop and buy whatever shotgun they like and kill whoever they do not like!

One should remember that the Constitution was written in the period when there was a high need for military protection: it was normal for the citizens to carry weapons to be ready to protect their country any second. However, now, there is no such need, that’s why there is no need for the weapons.

The Gun Control Situation during the Last Four years

During 2017, a number of deaths in the incidents involving weapons made 9,605. The number of incidents themselves and the number of injuries is much bigger. Moreover, the year is not over, therefore this number is yet to grow. Considering the previous years, the statistics show that in 2016, there were 15,075 deaths; in 2015, there were 13,495; in 2014, there were 12,559 – as we see, each year, the number of deaths only grows which is extremely alarming. One of the most famous mass shootings that happened recently is, of course, the one that took place in Orlando gay club in June 2016. The man of Afghanistan origin who allegedly had gay tendencies opened fire inside the gay nightclub thus killing 49 people and injuring more than 50. The connection between the shooting and his religion is obvious.

The police officers killed Omar Saddiqui Mateen, the murderer. Another famous mass shooting arose in Charleston in the church for black people in June 2015. Dylann Roof murdered nine people for the reason of starting a race war. He was arrested the following day and convicted to death by lethal injection.

Arguments for Possessing a Weapon

There cannot be many arguments for carrying a weapon however, there are some. First, possessing a firearm allows an individual to defend him/herself against violence or tyranny. This is a very important issue especially for the inhabitants of the areas where even police officers cannot establish an order for a long time. One cannot but mention that it is not fair to narrow the right of the law-abiding citizens for the sake of the mentally ill ones who may harm themselves with the shotgun.

Moreover, the only victims of the situation where the shotguns are banned are going to be people who obey laws because the “bad guys” will always find the way to get the weapon. Therefore, this is simply not fair. Another argument for possessing a weapon is the fact that stricter gun control will lead to the black market of weapons. This happened in 1920 with banning of the alcohol – the same would happen if the weapons are abandoned. It is a well-known fact that firearms do not kill people – people kill people. For that reason, one should consider the fact that it does not matter whether the firearms are banned or not – if a person wants to kill someone, s/he will do it.

However, the victim will be deprived of the freedom to defend him/herself or at least scare the attacker. The victim does not necessarily have to kill the attacker – seeing the firearm in the hands of the sufferer will be enough for the attacker to leave.

Arguments against Possessing a Weapon

Pro-gun control position implies the opposite view to the discussed above.

First, the nation that values life and possession of the life-killer are the terms that are impossible to coexist. The fact that your neighbor owns a firearm is a direct threat to you no matter if he is going to use it against you or not. There exists a direct correlation between the rate of firearms ownership and violent crime – gun control will reduce the crime and give to the average law-abiding citizen the right for feeling safe.

As for the suicidal rates, the statistics demonstrate that those who have immediate access to the weapon are more likely to commit suicide than those who do not.

Many people believe that gun control will make it harder for those who should not have the firearms get them. The statistics show that the majority of the mass shootings in the U.S. were done using the legal weapons – making them illegal will decrease the rates of murders. More firearms equal more crimes – that is the inevitable rule that is silly to deny.

Examples of Essays on the Topic

Numerous essays were written on this topic. Here, two gun control articles (pro and anti) are considered to let you understand how to build the argument. The first one is Gun Control and the

Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment?

To add it to the references in APA, one has to do the following:

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To add it to the works cited in MLA, one has to format it in the following way:
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The second article (anti-gun control) is 5 Arguments against Gun Control – and Why They Are All Wrong. To add it to the references in APA, one has to do the following:
DeFillipis, E., & Hughes, D. (2016). 5 arguments against gun control—and why they are all wrong. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from opinion/op-ed/la-oe-defilippis-hughes-gun-myths-debunked-20160708-snap-story

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As seen from the essay, gun control issue is a rather ticklish question considering the mass murders that have happened recently. You can take either side, just have strong arguments and enough of evidence.

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