How to Beat Turnitin

September 2, 2022

The questions “How to cheat with Turnitin?” or “How to beat Turnitin?” appear from time to time. These problems bother many students who want to make writing a little bit easier. A team of decided to dot all “I’s” and cross all “t’s” concerning Turnitin troubles. We hope this post will help you with easy writing, along with other blog posts you can find here. For instance, you can find some cool persuasive essay topics or tips on entering universities.

How Does Turnitin Work and What Is It?

The main mistake of Turnitin still exists. Being precise, we cannot name Turnitin, a plagiarism checker. Mostly, it is a program that matches a text of an academic work that a student submits with a giant database of books and other academic papers. It shows only the percent of matches between two texts. It is up to a tutor to decide if the paper was plagiarised or not.

So, how does Turnitin work? How does it check paper for plagiarism? It sends a report where the text with matches in a database is colorized. It also counts the proportion of matches to a whole text and gives away a ratio. In general, the students must know that the final check is subjective. Even with one percent of matches, a tutor can consider a paper to be plagiarised. There is an average acceptable ratio that equals 15%. But it is not a guarantee of success.

Myths About How to Cheat Turnitin

On the Internet, you can find different ways to beat Turnitin. Unfortunately, along with some useful information (like our persuasive essay topics), there is a lot of trash on there. We have gathered some very popular myths around cheating Turnitin. The software has gone through many updates. They have gone old and have been disproved by the Turnitin team itself.

  • The first popular anti-Turnitin myth concerns paraphrasing. The weirdest trick about this method is that it can be hardly named an easier way than writing from scratch. In simple words, you will have to change every word in the essay or academic work into similar, change the phrases and rebuild the sentences.
  • There is a high risk to spoil the initial text and the meaning of academic work. Yes, Turnitin can hardly detect paraphrasing when it is done professionally, but it will irritate an eye of your professor.
  • The second very popular myth concerns PDF files. It implies Turnitin not to be able to distinguish two layers of a PDF file. It appeared that one layer was not readable for the program, and students managed to put plagiarised text there. Unfortunately, after several updates, the software has overcome this problem. Now it scans all layers of an image or a PDF file and can identify the text and match it. And the myth, even if it was truthful before, has lost relevance.
  • For a long time using the same letters from foreign alphabets was an answer to the question of how to cheat Turnitin. Now the software successfully identifies what layouts took part in writing a text. It will simply not accept the text for a review. Better find some interesting information, like persuasive essay topics or pro writing tips.
  • Using synonyms remains the main way of avoiding plagiarism. What’s its sense? You have to substitute the words of the original text with more or less intensive synonyms. It is not absolutely illegal and may even lower the ratio of plagiarism. You have to be a really good writer to keep the original meaning of the text.
  • Take at least two sentences and change the synonyms to test yourself. We bet you will not reach your goal from the first time. In conclusion, this method is a time-loss as well.
  • Somebody can tell you that you can change the word order in each sentence. If it has been a way to bypass Turnitin in the past, now it is nonsense. It has grown smarter. It analyses the content of the sentence. Combining short sentences and separating long ones will not work too.

Never try to steal somebody’s work if you know it was never submitted before. The risk is very high. The software can detect other students work once it is brought to the Internet. As far as you cannot be sure about the guarantees are given, you will be in danger. Do not fail your reputation or education is such a manner.

Devote your time to studying. Today you can find a lot of articles about writing. For instance, find how to write a persuasive essay, create a short plan, pick some interesting persuasive essay topics and write a paper. It will take you less time.

5 Legal Ways to Beat a Turnitin

There is no time to fall into despair. If you still need to use somebody’s text or want to decrease plagiarism in your original academic work, there are some ways out. Here are some ideas about how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin:


Paraphrasing is a crucial skill when it comes to beating Turnitin. Rather than copying and pasting information directly from sources, paraphrasing allows you to express the same ideas in your own words. However, it is important to ensure that you are still providing proper credit to the original source.

To effectively paraphrase, read the original passage carefully and then rewrite it using your own language and sentence structure. Remember to maintain the original meaning while adding your own perspective.

It is important to note that Turnitin is designed to detect similarities in language and structure, not just exact matches of words. Therefore, simply changing a few words here and there is not enough. Focus on rephrasing the entire passage and presenting the ideas in a unique way to increase the chances of bypassing Turnitin’s algorithm.

Citing Sources Effectively

Citing sources effectively is essential in both academic writing and bypassing Turnitin’s scrutiny. When including information or ideas from external sources, it is crucial to provide proper attribution. Use the appropriate citation style, such as APA or MLA, to acknowledge the original authors and their work.

To beat Turnitin, ensure you are accurately and consistently citing your sources throughout the paper. Include in-text citations whenever you use information from a particular source, and provide a comprehensive list of references at the end of your document. Verify that your citations are formatted correctly and match the guidelines of your chosen citation style.

Remember, properly citing sources not only helps you avoid plagiarism but also demonstrates your integrity as a researcher and writer. Turnitin is programmed to recognize well-formatted citations, so understanding how to cite sources effectively is a crucial aspect of beating its detection system.

Transition words

Transition words play a significant role in writing and can help manipulate Turnitin’s detection system. By employing appropriate transition words, you can seamlessly connect ideas and paragraphs, making your paper flow logically.

Using transition words such as “however,” “although,” “in contrast,” and “on the other hand” can signal to Turnitin that you are introducing new ideas or contrasting information. Additionally, words like “moreover,” “furthermore,” and “additionally” can indicate that you are expanding on a point or providing further evidence.

While transition words themselves won’t directly help you cheat Turnitin, they can help in presenting your ideas in a unique and organized manner. By strategically using transition words, you can make your paper appear original and distinct, potentially bypassing Turnitin’s algorithm that searches for exact matches and similarities in language and structure.

Active and passive voice

Using active and passive voice can also be an effective way to manipulate Turnitin’s detection system. Shifting between these two types of voice helps add variety to your writing, making it appear more unique and less formulaic.

Passive voice places the emphasis on the recipient of the action rather than the performer, whereas the active voice places the emphasis on the doer of the action. While passive voice can be useful for certain situations, too much of it can make your writing appear convoluted and difficult to read.

By using active voice, you can deliver information more concisely and in a more straightforward manner, making it more difficult for Turnitin to detect similarities. Additionally, by strategically using passive voice where appropriate, you can add variety to your writing.

Overall, using both active and passive voice in a balanced manner can help you beat Turnitin by making your writing appear more original, unique and nuanced.

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These are ways to avoid problems with Turnitin. The software develops from day to day it is difficult to find working tricks, even if they had been working before. With some diligence or courage, you can bypass Turnitin and raise your ratio of an original text. Why don’t you try for instance? Head to our site and find more cool articles, interesting and inspiring persuasive essay topics, and useful information. Make an order now and forget about your academic problems.

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