How To Write 1000 Words Essay?

April 13, 2018

An image or a picture says a thousand words. However, a 1000-word essay can say a lot more! Each phrase in the essay counts because your professor/teacher will read it line by line. When you are writing the 1000 word essay, you have to structure it well and capture the attention of the reader. The opening line of the piece and the closing lines should enthrall the reader.

If your professor has told you to write a long piece, then you should take it as an opportunity to polish your skills! Here is a quick guide for you to understand as to how much time it takes to write 1000 word essays.

How long does it take me to write a 1000 word essay?

As an author/writer, you should write without any limits. If you focus too much on filling the pages and abiding by the limit, you will start adding empty words, which do not mean anything.

When a student takes an exam, he/she tries to attempt each and every question. When they are not able to remind an answer, they fill up the sheets with unwanted empty words. When you write 1000 word essay pages, you need to focus on the material. If you do proper research, read about the topic and analyze the topic then it will take you 2-3 days to complete it.

How to write 1000 word essay? You can either do it on your own or give it to a professional. If you do not have the time, you will not be able to research and read about the topic a lot. The good news is that there are experts, who can do the work for you at a low price. The choice is yours!

Tips For Composing The Finest 1000 Words Essay

  • Research. Before you start doing your assignment, you have to conduct proper research. Half-baked knowledge will not help you to write the finest piece. You have to present the best work to your teacher!
  • Reading. Reading books, papers and newspapers can open up your mind. You have to extensively explore the topic that you are going to work on.
  • Analysis. After researching and reading, you need to figure out what you want to add to the article. Analyze the root problem and then give a conclusion.
  • Writing. Do not think too much about the word limit. It is not about the quantity; it is about the quality. Your professor will give you marks for your research, personal opinion, and structure of the article.
  • Revision. It is best to skim through the article before you submit it to the teacher. There are times when you make some mistakes, and it is best to go through it as a reader and not as the author. In case there is any spelling or grammatical errors, take out time to fix it.

  • Structure of an Essay. Do note that each part of the essay structure is important. You have to focus on the introduction and conclusion. When you read a magazine, you pay attention to the first few lines, and you decide whether you want to continue delving into the entire article or not.
  • Introduction and Thesis. Focus on the introduction. You can start with a question to grab the reader’s attention. The introduction part should be appealing because a reader decides whether they want to read the full article or not. It should captivate them and make them read the content til the end. Introductory part should be between 100-300 words. Identify the purpose of your article. You need to be clear about what the article talks about.
  • Body of Essay. You need to identify 3-4 main points and explain them in central paragraphs. Do note that writing in paragraphs is important. Nobody is interested in dealing with long sentences and paragraphs. Your statements need to be crisp and clear.
  • Conclusion. In the conclusion part, you need to remind the reader about the importance of the chosen subject/topic. Give a quick summary of the points that you mentioned in the body of the paper.

Final Verdict

It is best to go through a 1000 word essay example. This will give you an idea about writing an effective and captivating article. Make sure that the introduction covers the main idea of the topic that you have chosen. What will the reader find in the article? You need to explain that in the introduction part. The body should be informative. Making subheadings is important because a reader will enjoy reading your article if it is well-structured.

In the conclusion part, you need to remind the reader of the purpose of the essay. You would need to briefly summarize the points that you mentioned in the body. Once you are done with the article, go through the work, and this time, you would need to go through it as a reader.

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