How to Write Case Study Analysis?

January 18, 2018

All students of business schools and faculties understand what a case analysis is. Although it is one of the most common tasks that business students get, many young people still believe that it is quite a complex task and often feel anxious when they are asked to perform it.

What if you have faced a similar issue? First of all, you should not worry and try to be organized because a good organization and a bit of planning will never hurt!

And, after reading this article from our Custom essay writing service, you will have all the important information about this assignment and its requirements that will help you cope with the task and score a high grade!

What Is a Case Study Analysis?

A case study analysis requires you to investigate a business problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence.

As you could understand from the name of this paper, its main purpose is analyzing a case study that has been already written (as a rule, you will be assigned to analyze your own paper) and expand the investigation.

Such paper requires a student to study a specific issue that has been already studied, do some research, analyze the offered solutions, look for alternatives, and, based on the collected data, offer the most effective one, supporting it with valid evidence.

This task can be quite difficult. However, it will be much easier if you prepare well and follow these steps:

  1. Study the case fully – read the document, highlight the most significant information, note down everything important, and define the main problems;
  2. Narrow down your focus – select about 2-5 key issues and focus your whole paper on studying and analyzing them;
  3. Look for solutions – read relevant literature, consider information from the past studies or discussions, find examples from your own experience (if any);
  4. Define the best possible solution – compare and analyze all the previously-offered solutions and state the most efficient one, supporting your opinion with strong proof and examples, highlighting its pros and cons, and do not forget to state whether the solution is realistic or not (if not, then why) in the conclusion of your text.

Case Analysis Outline

How to write it? To prepare a good, detailed outline for your future text you need to have all of the details of your future paper including the title, main questions, key problems, arguments, examples, etc.

As a rule, an outline for this assignment should contain five sections including an Intro, Background of the study, Offered Solution, and Recommendations; below you will find a detailed plan of a proper structure.

What Is a Standard Structure?

Here are the main sections with a brief information of what you should include in each:

  • Intro – define the main issues of the case study and make a relevant thesis statement that predicts the results of your analysis (remember to keep it short);
  • Background – tell more about the previous studies, interesting facts, and key problems;
  • Alternatives – give from 2 to 5 alternative solutions with short explanations;
  • Proposed solution – offer one realistic solution that is the most efficient and add evidence and examples;
  • Recommendations – offer strategies that can help accomplish the offered solution.

Case Study Analysis Template

Why do you need to find a template? If this is the first time you are writing a case study analysis, it will be easy to make common mistakes, but they can be avoided if you find a few good examples to look at while working on your task.

Also, it will come in handy if you find a high-quality template for your future paper – this will save you lots of time and, this way, you will not have to worry about the wrong structure or format of your paper.

Where to find a template? There are plenty on the Internet. However, we recommend you using a solid example provided by some university, for example, a template prepared by the University of Wisconsin (as a rule, you will be able to find such a document at the university’s official website).

What Is the Proper Case Analysis Format?

There are several possible formats for such works. As a rule, the university or the professor, who had assigned this task, defines an appropriate case study analysis format.

In any case, you should always check the given guidelines and follow all the requirements to format, structure, and content of the work.

How to Find a Good Topic?

Finding an interesting, relevant, and appropriate topic is the key to success! Here is a short list of good examples that you can consider:

  1. Crisis management;
  2. The role of social media for the modern business;
  3. Paid ads;
  4. How to expand with the help of partnership;
  5. The pros and cons of employees’ background check;
  6. Supply chain management;
  7. The importance of financial accounting;
  8. Abuse at the workplace;
  9. How to prevent loss of knowledge when employees are retiring;
  10. Teambuilding and its influence on the company’s success;
  11. Good content for increased profits;
  12. How does a good marketing strategy influences your sales;
  13. Relationships in the team and associated issues;
  14. Management of working capital;
  15. Basics of business taxation.


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