How to Get Started to Write Literature Review Outline

August 7, 2017

The outline is an integral part of each academic paper. The worth of it is obvious. There still talks about the experience of the plan in such a sort of writing as sources review. This article will help you to understand what writing literature overview is, to see an example of the subject and to compose your own. Before assessing the plan in literature reviews, one needs to define the thing itself. 

The definition of the Literature Review

Sources overview evidently differs from the other types of academic writings. As it is seen from the name, this paper reviews the literature of the certain area of research. It means analyzing and organizing of the sources. It concentrates on strengths and weaknesses of the each source and can help writers of the surveying field. It is not a simple book overview, which consists of subjective points of view of a concrete researcher.

Literature review discovers findings of the other authors that can be useful in developing the theme. 

Outline of the Sources Review

'Outline for literature overview doesn`t differentiate from the other sorts of outlines. Even though you think that review without the plan is possible you are wrong. 
The plan to write literature review assumes creating a concept map of a study.  As for the premier rule of making it up, the plan includes only main points of what is about to be overviewed. 

How to start  

Writing literature review starts with simple guidelines. Take a look at how many information is at your disposal when you begin to overview. It all is a part of the outline. Remember that you don`t need to worry about formatting styles – keep the focus on sources. Try to trace the relationships among the sources of the field. Also, do not forget that it is not similar to the general outline demands. 


The main pillar of the study is a theme, which is an initial structural element of your plan. Start writing with marking your theme of research. After denominating it, provide the thesis statement – driving force of each academic paper – of the overview. 

You may ask, what for? Yes, literature review outline doesn`t make breakthroughs in the area it surveys. But no research questions will be developed without setting of the thesis statement. 


While you outline literature review, you don`t need to adhere to the long established rules of formatting outlines like APA or MLA recommendations. But as it would be seen on the example, these ways are very resembling. 

You set Roman numeral before the main heading as “Introduction” or “Conclusion” goes. It then subdivides for the lesser heading named subheading and is marked with lower case letters. As you outline sources, there is no more subdivision.  


Outline template seemingly differs from the other kinds of the plan as it seen in the example below. Whenever you face roman numerals and lowercase letters, you should stick to this template. Look the following example through: 


a. Summarize your theme. Provide a general overview of what the sources are about, which circle of scientific interest it denotes. Give your reader an insight of the following study. 
b. Provide thesis statement. State the most valuable thought of the study. It doesn`t matter how much sentences would it take as long as it falls within three sentences. 


As you introduced all-important moments of the study, you can start expressing the essence of the theme you chose to talk about initially. 
a. Sub-theme. Here you can put reader`s mind to a special aspect of the theme which is stated before.  
b. Sub-theme. If you want to emphasize another aspect, this section is made for it.
c. Sub-theme. You can go on emphasizing.


Provide another significant idea of the study given in the next theme. You may subdivide as it is shown above.


Sum up and tie everything you wrote before up. Make it sensible supporting with the facts.

How to end

Revise all the written and think on how accurate is this. Don`t keep away from this procedure as you don`t also need to fail with the task. If you strictly observe the material given above, you may be assured that you write literature overview most appropriately.

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