Immigration Argumentative Essay

July 24, 2017

The first step in writing an immigration argumentative essay is defining the term. For it we have got the next definition: an immigration argumentative essay is an argumentative essay on the immigration which shows both sides of the same coin of the issue. As it was said that we are dealing with an argumentative as a piece of writing, we have two directions of research. 

The first direction is finding the necessary information about the rules of writing an argumentative essay.

The second one is just to study an issue of immigration in its genesis in order to be ready to discuss and debate upon the topic. It means that it is critical to understand positive and negative sides of immigration phenomenon through different sources like:

  • media,
  • blogs,
  • books,
  • journal and magazine articles,
  • expert opinions,
  • encyclopedias,
  • web pages or personal experiences. 

Talking about the first direction we should find out the type of structure, appropriate style and useful phrases of writing argumentative essays. To begin with, an argumentative essay is a piece of formal writing. There are several kinds of argumentative essays such as: outlining the advantages and disadvantages of a certain issue, providing solutions to problems, giving your personal opinion on the subject and discursive argumentative essays.

Any argumentative essay consists of three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

It has got the same structure which can be shown as a paragraph plan: Para 1 (stating the topic, opinion or the problem) – Introduction, Para 2 (giving advantages, or arguments for, or one point of view, or the first suggestion and reason) and Para 3 (giving disadvantages, or arguments against, or another point of view, or the second suggestion and reason) – Main Body, Para 3 (final paragraph – giving a consideration or your opinion, summarizing opinions or giving best suggestions and reasons) – Conclusion. It is important to bear in mind that in the argumentative essay each new paragraph should include each new point.

There are some useful tips for argumentative essays. For instance, short forms and colloquial English should not be used. Paragraphs have to be well developed. Strong personal expressions (In my view, I am sure…) and others strong feelings (everybody hates, all people admire…) should be avoided. It is obligatorily to use linking words (on the other hand, even though…) and sequencing (first, then, finally, to conclude…) in argumentative essays.

It will be also useful to use quotations or paraphrasing of them. Finally, one who is writing an argumentative essay should remember that the use of clichéd introduction will not be able to make your essay perfect. Instead of it will be better to use original one. There are also some special techniques for writing the first and the last paragraphs (introduction and conclusion).

The introduction serves to catch the readers’ attention. Thus, in the introduction the writer states an opinion, makes reference to an extraordinary scene of situation, and addresses the reader directly starting with rhetorical questions. The conclusion summarizes the essay giving a great opportunity to the reader to consider something. It will be suitable to use a wise quotation in the end of an argumentative essay. 

As the issue of this type of essay touches different aspects of human life as psychological, religious, scientific, artistic, economic, educational, social, political, moral, historical, geographical, medical, personal, etc., the most proper kind of argumentative essay is probably the discursive essay.

In the introduction we should make a general statement about the topic explaining the past and the current situation; in the main body – to write different points of view in separate paragraphs; in the conclusion – to finish the essay by giving the writer’s own opinion on the subject.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immigration Problem

Returning to the main subject, we are going to make a brief inspection upon it. As it was previously stated, there are pros and cons of the immigration issue. Let us look through positive positions. The modern world of globalization opens new horizons to productive and successful immigration making the ways of immigrating easier.

As a result, the humanity gets an economic growth. Immigrants also can replace skilled workers and scientists in the circumstances of brain drain in some countries.

In addition to this, services to an ageing population can be maintained when there are insufficient young people in the country.

The pension gap can be filled by the contributions of young workers who pay taxes.

Immigrants also can bring new ideas, energy, innovations, and modernization enriching the cultural diversity through taking traditions from their home countries. Apart from the advantages for the host country for the immigration we need to talk also about positive opportunities for immigrants. Many people can fill their job vacancies and skills gaps, taking jobs abroad. Immigration will help refugees to get new safe place to live.

While war is not the thing of the past yet, the quantity of refugees will certainly increase. For example, 42.4 million immigrants both legal and illegal live in the United States.

Some of them are refugees, some of them have job or training opportunities in the country.

What negative impact can immigration have?

In the first place, there is a great problem of illegal. Illegal immigrants can be dangerous as they are undocumented that leads to breaking the law and increases crime. Illegal immigrants can be criminals or suffer from local criminals without punishment. Here we should admit the danger of drug trafficking. Another problem is that in the situation of local unemployment and competition even legal residents are unwelcome because they are happy to work for minimum wage.

Last but not least is the social problem of children or old people left behind as a result of immigration of some family members.

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