Some of the Most Important Questions to Consider in Othello

July 31, 2017

The Shakespearean tragedy, “Othello” have certain important themes to be considered as parts of the different issues dealing within the play. Along with “Hamlet”, “Macbeth” and “King Lear”, “Othello” is one of the most important tragedies under Shakespeare’s oeuvre.

It has been considered to be a pillar of his dramatic qualities when it comes to tragedies.“Othello” is set in a private world and the internal politics are yet more intertwined than those in the greater state of affairs. There is a swift current of jealousy and rage along with Iago’s dazzling display of the negative traits. The current of relationship among the different characters thus form a very important part of the whole dramatic personae.

These are important questions needing to be answered through the scheme of themes of the play. The responsibility of the tragic theme depends on the different ways the character interacts with the choices lain before them.

Othello’s choices and decisions or misjudgments leads to the fatal consequences.

These choices that the interplay of human decisions takes place definitely make for some of the most incredible points in considering a tragedy. Therefore there are several roles that Othello’s character leads into finding the solution of the tragic consequences of the play. The questions about these specific choices within Othello are some of the most important factors that can work through understanding of the tragic plot. For instance, his final anecdote about Turk being one of the last things he says brings a lot about his character.

These are different interplays of cohesive roles within a persona that Shakespeare has worked with bringing the layers of the human psyche. These attentions to details make his tragedies deeply intriguing and these happen to be some of the most important questions to be formed.

Along with Othello being a Moor, his own perception of himself and how he sees himself are important parts of the whole intertwining and formation of his character. Rather than the external disposition, there is a lot going on with Othello in his own perception of himself.

Desdemona’s role and how it changes when not with Othello along with the extent of being a victim to Othello’s brutality are some of the most important factors to be considered through the realm of the play. The question on whether we can call Desdemona the passive female becoming the withdrawn victim of Othello’s tyranny and cynicism becomes a big part of the whole plot. It is one of the vital questions to be explored through the fabric of the play.

The importance of the setting, the physical details of the surrounding and the different icons separating Venice and Cyprus are some of the most important parts of the fabric of the play. The geographical as well as the human distinctions are some of the most important aspects through which the nature of the changes in the play has been depicted.

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