Read like a Writer to Improve Your Writing Skills

December 12, 2016

To become a better writer you need to follow two paths: more reading and more writing. There is really no other way to improve your college work. Most great writers are avid readers. They love the written word and they dedicate precious time to reading it.

These trips into the fantasy worlds of books you have been reading are essentially preparing you for your written work. If you are reading a good book you are blissful and nothing can touch you, same goes for good writing.

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A Good Writer

Anything that compels you to read on is good writing. A good writer has an eye for good writing.

When you read you pick up on the styles of different authors and you learn new words and every time you pick up a book you are learning something new. If you are a discerning reader, you are already picking up on writing techniques without even knowing it and integrating them into your own work.

Over the time, your writing becomes a set of things you have learned from books you have read with your own unique perspective on things.

How Do You Use Reading to Improve Your Writing Skills?

First, get into a habit of reading. Create a goal like reading for half an hour every day and before you know it you will have a decent habit in place.

Pick a time when you read like before bed, so you have a reading trigger, this helps you to create a great work yourself rather than asking to get essay help. Every time you are preparing to go to bed you should read a couple of pages. When you go out carry your book with you.

E-books have made reading an easy and portable process. You can just open up your book on the phone and read it when you find spare time as you go through your day.

When you are reading you need to read like a writer. Don’t skim through the details, and glaze over giant chunks of description. Everything counts and once you are writing you will be glad you paid attention to detail. Break down books and analyze them.

Why did the things that happened happen? How did the plot unfold?

You don’t have to do this as you read you can do it as you do other things as long as you are paying attention to the structure and motives of the book. When you go to write your assignment you will see a marked difference in your writing style.

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