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September 19, 2022

Writing an interesting narrative essay may become a real challenge. That is why it is widely used as a type of students’ knowledge and abilities assessment. An excellent essay is exciting to write for the author and entertaining to read or listen to for the audience.

So, it is worth investing some extra effort into the process to get an excellent valuation from your teacher.

How to Create an Essay to Surprise the Audience?

There are a few general tips on how to create good writing.

Find interesting topics

Sounds simple, but it takes some time and effort. First, you need to find an issue that applies to the course subject. This theme should also reflect your brain – it should be something you want to know more about yourself. Don’t try to work on a theme that makes you feel bored – your audience will know it.

Create a plan for your work

Make a sequence of your actions, like:

•    Create a statement

•    Gather information

•    Work on the story based on facts found

•    Create parts of the text

•    Revise

If you are a big fan of planning, you can split each point into two or more actions at this stage. A good plan is half of the job.

Сreate your statement

When you find your perfect theme among many interesting college essay topics, be ready to create your statement. It is going to become the title of your piece. A short statement of what you want to tell the audience, something you want to prove, true or false, things you want to teach or vividly describe to your readers or listeners.

Create your database

Collect information. Search online or in books. Ask people who specialize in the subject of your research.

List of relevant facts

Interesting assignment topics for high school students give a good chance to create an article full of useful or exciting information. Pick a list of the most relevant facts that describe your statement, which might be fun to know.


Write your essay in the following: the article’s main body, conclusion, and introduction.


Polish your essay: revise it yourself and ask someone to proofread it. Add final touches to make it perfect.

If you are to present your essay orally in front of an audience, do it in preparatory rehearsals: in front of a mirror, to your family members and friends. Please take notice of difficult words to pronounce and underline them in your text to take a moment before saying them.


Of course, working on some interesting topics for an essay might seem difficult, but that is what education is about! Going through difficulties to reach the necessary result at its best. The more difficult topic for an essay you choose, the more effort you need to put into preparing and writing your essay. And consequently, the better assessment you receive!

So, don’t hesitate to dig deeper into your research and create a high-quality article. Besides getting an excellent mark, this process brings some more profits. First of all, you get to know the subject yourself.

Second – you learn to plan, collect information, make logical outlines and conclusions, create a structured text and learn to present in front of an audience. All these abilities are useful in preparing you for your future job, no matter what it is.

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