King Lear Research Paper Sample

August 1, 2022

The rich and varied tapestry within the layers of structure of “King Lear” brings great distinctions from other plays by Shakespeare. The passion and deeper questions of the bonding human heart and roots were the primary themes of “King Lear”. Along the play’s theme, the depth of that passion and questioning of the foundation of roots and family bonding in the face of changing social circumstances and the altering phases of humankind are some driving forces shaping the way the play takes place.

Several elements include tugs of war, irregular starts, and even bursts of imagination throughout the play. On being weighed down and coming out with frayed edges, Lear’s mind comes with several nuances and waves that are present within the human mind of dualities.

There are, of course, several depths to the nature of passion present within his character, but the overall weight pushes him to the edges of madness. The loss of idealism and faith, like love and the absence of filial piety, brings the old king to resolve his spirit. But there have been several fixed and stubborn natures to his character which had not been resolved before the blinders could be drawn.

This resulted in him chasing away the source of affection and love he could have received from his youngest daughter.

The tug of war of the coercive elements in his soul and the whirlwind of emotions made him go through the tearing pieces and revulsions of the human heart. But it is in revisiting the betrayal that his mind cannot take them anymore without any quiescence or protection to feel love. With his rough stretches of rapidly propelling imagination, he comes to the old familiar place of his soul but then staggers with the loss and the feeling of complete alienation.

The winds and storms and the elemental forces of weather seem to conjoin in these intense movements of his feelings as he sinks into the abyss like an anchorless sea with nothing to guide him back. Lear’s blindness occurs long before in his psyche until he goes physically blind.

His blindness to observe the kindness of those who cared for him and the abject misery he forces himself to with the withdrawal into his own ego-constructed walls lashes back at him during his old age. These eternal questions of love and loyalty have been asked through this rich drama. The eddying whirlpools of emotions at the loss of vestiges of love have been one of the most explored aspects of this play.

More than any other play by Shakespeare, “King Lear” explores the depths and real nature of love, the intensity of passion, and the roots of bonding.

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