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How To Choose a Topic For a Narrative Essay

03 Apr 2017

Education tests of most schools and colleges include a narrative essay task. It is one of the most important and expressive tests, which helps teachers evaluate not only the student’s knowledge, but also his creative skills, overall mindset, potential.

At the same time, to write a good essay, one needs to have a good vocabulary. Topics for narrative essays are numerous, and topic choice is a significant part of this assignment.

Start from choosing the type of essay

Telling a story

If you are telling a story, you write about some event or period in your life, past experience, successes or failures. Usually it is a story from student’s past, which had a big influence on his future, his personality, relations with family and friends, etc.


A descriptive essay is exactly what it is called – a description.

Of a place, an item, a person, experience or emotion in a certain moment, or some situation or act. Description is not only about how things look, but also about how the author feels about them. So, it is a picture and an attitude.


The author takes one statement and presents it to the reader, showing a research of evidence, comparison, definitions and analysis. Investigation essay is usually an answer to a question “What is…?”, “Is it good to…?”, “Why does…?”


This type is similar to the previous one, but it is not about answering a question, but about making a statement and presenting all necessary information to make the reader accept it.

Usually type of an essay is stated in assignment.

Next move: finding good narrative essay topics.

Successful choice provides a good final result. You write best about things you know and understand. Picking the main idea of the narration is followed by finding (or creating) a story, which illustrates this idea. Personal narrative essay topics are preferable. When you write about something familiar, you easily show your point, you have your own opinion, which you can express.

Showing your direct attitude and experience reveals your personality.

So, in addition to showing knowledge of the subject, writing, spelling and vocabulary skills, author displays his character, values and beliefs, suggesting the reader to evaluate the author as a personality.

How to choose the best narrative essay topics for college students?

First of all, think of a topic that fits the assigned type of essay.

  • Telling a story? Write about some event in your life and what it taught you. Like, how you helped some stranger in the street, what you felt at that moment and what did it mean for you. Some examples: “My first trip abroad: beautiful and romantic France”, “A day to remember: how I met President Obama”.
  • Description? Tell about an item, a place, a person, a pet or something/somebody that is important for you. “Eddie – my brother and my best friend”, “My favorite place – beautiful Beach Plaza” or even “Passionate flowers– our family garden” are some really nice examples!
  • Investigation? Pick an idea that interest you and investigate its pros and cons. For example: “Champions League Finals: who is going to win?” or “Smartphones in school: yes or no?”
  • Persuasion? Similar to investigation, there also is an idea that interests you and you have your own opinion, but you need to prove your point to someone else. Let see some of these topics: “Jogging is good for your health!”, “Benefits of using recycled packaging”, or even “Drinking water as a best healthy habit”.

A good narrative essay is something that comes right from your inner world. It is not about being right or wrong, not about spelling or vocabulary. It is about creating a text, which touches and involves the reader.

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