Tips For Writig Nursing Dissertation

December 7, 2016

A nursing dissertation is related to health care management and could vary from one focus point to another. It is a known fact that the US is speedily extending its health care sector by hiring nurses from second or third world countries.

A nursing dissertation could be disturbing and effort taking at the same time if appropriate steps are not taken prior to the alarming situations.

I mean for a professional course like this, you have to be prepared for literature research and the possible challenges you would face.

The best part of writing a nursing dissertation for your Master’s or Ph.D.’s level degree is, you have a lot of research material available in the libraries or in shape of journals etc. As we can see that the subject of nursing has been deeply studied by experts in the last few years and that has made it vast and difficult to look at. 

How to Write a Good Nursing Dissertation Paper or an Assignment

A nursing dissertation needs deep researches and clarity in vision or scope of the subject. A nursing student has to be informed about latest trends and practices around the globe. One should be attached to at least one related forum. While it takes a lot more than this to start off with a nursing dissertation.

The topic that you need to select for this could revolve around the nursing staff in hospitals? Or could be interlinked with NHS as these two areas mostly cover all the categories related to nursing but whatever is selected should project a theme or idea of a theme that is interesting for its readers. 

The process of selecting a topic for nursing dissertation includes various phases and pre-requisites. They are thought to provoke and essential for an unaware nursing student and that is the exact reason why we find it unavoidably important to mention them. 

Important List for Writing a Nursing Assignment

•    Gather information on at least 3-5 areas of nursing.
•    Look into the one that interests you the most.
•    Make sure your interests do not differ with that of your course supervisor.
•    Ask for his advice if what are the latest trends and past work.
•    Develop a title with the thought of expanding it into a dissertation.
•    Avoid titles which can only title but cant is used for dissertation writing.
•    It is your degree that is based upon the dissertation and the dissertation is based on the title.
•    Think of the most captivating and easy to handle titles at the same time.

Taking care of the above-given list of pre-requisites will certainly take any nursing student to the highest level of topic development expertise. 

Nursing Dissertation Proposal Writing Guide

The next part could be your nursing dissertation proposal and it could be the stop from where you would fly towards the completion or would stop by it. A research proposal proposed the basic framework and research aims and objectives. You do not propose the details of how are you going to do my dissertation, but it gives a brief overview of the subject and what do you intend to deliver with your research. 

Advancing towards the main part of our article, it is the formation and manner of presentation that counts with a quality research. Always remember that a quality research or literature would even look horrific if not presented well. So here’s a little tip for nursing dissertation’s presentation. 

Nursing Dissertation Acknowledgment

Use the first page as a dedication to your title and put an acknowledgment right after that to let the reader have a brief overview of what he/she is going to read was a task or assignment. An acknowledgment counts quite a much by a supervisor or tutor. Always remember that an abstract could be that advertisement of wine that shows its viewers how mind blowing the product is.

A spreadsheet of a table of contents with subheadings will determine that how clear you were with the research aims and objectives. 

Introduction Chapter Writing

The first chapter of a nursing dissertation should be an introduction that gives the introductory synopsis of research and the background of what is being focused. The more grip you have over presented what you have selected as a topic, the more outstanding this chapter be. 

Review of Literature Writing

It is definitely hard for every student to sit in the library and search the relevant things to his/her nursing dissertation theme but it is the only way to make a Master’s or graduate level nursing dissertation up to that level where it would get accepted by the university officials. For writing a literature review you need to frisk with all the past work in great depth.

You will discuss and critically analyze whatsoever has been done regarding the area subject. The appreciation of great research works and taking points out of them to inspect the points to be proven in your research would help you strengthen your literature review. 

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Research Methodology Chapter Writing 

What would your way be to conduct the research? This needs to be answered in an explanation called “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY” this is the third chapter and falls after the literature review, the second chapter, of a dissertation. How your research methods could change the influence of topic and what impacts would it make on your entire research?

The qualitative method of research is different than a quantitative method of research and these two suits the best when it comes to a nursing dissertation. 


Findings and analysis are the part of a dissertation which doesn’t give its writer any hard time. It would require your practice of analysis and other skills only. The data collected is one of the fundamental roles in this chapter. 

The entire procedure of writing a nursing dissertation should be under the care of an expert who is a professional as well to understand the ins and outs of the nursing field as it should be understood.

You cannot find the actual meanings of nursing terminologies in books or journals but it is indeed a professional to experience. Look around for yourself to get help by one of these expert nursing professionals who has been writing essays and dissertations for Master’s and Ph.D.’s level candidates. 

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