William Shakespeare Othello Essay

July 31, 2017

The tragedy, “Othello” is based upon the revenge of two characters. Firstly it is Iago’s revenge which makes him get caught up and in turn, move the tables for inciting Othello in opening his darker sides. On being tempted by Iago’s false insinuations Othello wrongly kills his friend and wife. Many historians and critics have found both characters to be complex and closely looked their revenge schemes get built up on layers of insecurities.

There are several cruel bents that are thatched out by Iago that brings Othello to his destruction.

Iago’s anger on his position being given to Cassio gets the best out of him and brings immediate reactions of revenge schemes within him. Iago becomes more and more enwrapped within the lies that he creates in order to manipulate Othello’s downfall. There are several unjust acts that come in place along with the progression of time. Being totally consumed with his on plots for revenge Iago does not care for anyone else but making oneself happy. In the process he manages to get Roderigo killed, Cassio to be injured and his own wife Emelia to be slain by him self.

It is an overall process of rampant killing and injustice that follows which ultimately leads Othello to kill Desdemona and take his own life as well. In the greater conspiracy Iago gets killed himself in the end, guilt ridden and even bringing an end to the whole play.

Before he is punished he even gets to see Cassio take Othello’s place which is a stark irony to the whole plot. Othello has been shown to be standing tall as the proud war general, always being right in his own position but gets tricked by Iago in his own questioning of manliness. He has underlying concerns of his own manliness along with the desperation he feels clinging on to his former identity as a soldier of fame and repute. Iago maintains his to uncoil his conspiracy thread by challenging Othello that he was becoming softer after being a lover while he could not prove to be heroic like he had been as a tough soldier. Othello’s identity crisis also makes him confuse his true positions and while he cannot find them himself, he comes under the trap of Iago’s insinuating jealous plot.

His life comes to a crashing halt as he falls under the wrong suspicion of the relationship between Desdemona and Cassio. In his approach and even different aspects of life he acts like a just general. Though that worked for him in the battlefield it did not serve him better in any way at all. He does not question either of the party involved and orders Iago to kill Cassio in a just fashion that only a general would take.

He even kills Desdemona in her sleep while he thinks that to be the only way ideal for goodness of all mankind and end such evils.

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