How to Write a Persuasive Essay

December 14, 2016

Writing is the integral part which helps one to share your point of views in a clear and concise manner in order to make the readers understand. This article at our professional website – custom writings help you to elaborate on the overall process of writing a persuasive essay from the pre-writing stage to the ending stage.

BEGINNING AN ESSAY: The Prewriting stage

The prewriting stage starts from having a topic by identifying your interest. After selection, determine where you stand on the issue, for or against. It is a really hectic task to identify your position and find information to place under it.
Defend your opinion by supporting it with providing enough reasons that provoked you to select a side of it, that is, either agreed or disagreed. Now, jot down the reasons and place the most interesting and strongest points at the first place. The pre-writing essay ends at finding supports for the reasons.


The notes along with the paragraph can give a fresh perspective to your work. Five separate paragraphs should state the five distinctive arguments for your essay topic. The first paragraph of your essay should give an introduction that will work as a thesis statement; it is a concise definition of the main issue that is going to be argued on lately.

Write an opening sentence and relate it to the thesis statement by starting it with a general tone and transiting to your personal views and thoughts.


The body paragraphs are meant to state, elaborate, explain and support the thesis. Likewise, the main point is made to be contrary to the other to make your viewpoint influencing. In addition to it, the final paragraph will defend your views by enriching it with the research being done in this regard. The body will span over 3 to 4 paragraphs significantly, enforcing a distinctive aspect related to the issue.


Repetition of the thesis statement is a must in conclusion writing, by avoiding the same words to be used. Making the last stroke to your work, involve your readers in the same debate by asking them a significant question and influencing them to give their views.


Writing a persuasive essay is meant to practice a good exercise of influencing others and making them agree with your thoughts. Convincing one is not a game, it requires certain skills and a guideline to reach the destination.

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