Writing Psychology Essays: Custom Guide

September 1, 2022

Writing your essay is much easier to tackle if you divide the writing into sections. Create headers and sub-headers, and divide the word count for each section so you know what you’re aiming for.

The sections of a psychology paper will differ according to the type of psychology paper being written:

Psychology Essay

A psychology essay will contain paragraphs that express a summary, analysis, or review of a book, article, or topic. A psychology essay begins with an introduction consisting of a paragraph detailing what is coming in the rest of the project and introduces the thesis statement.

A thesis statement is a specific position on an issue or topic of study and consists of a provable opinion. In a psychology essay, the thesis statement must be related to and supported by the previously gathered evidence.

Then you need to write the main body of your essay, making sure that all your points are referenced to show the evidence and support for each of your arguments.

Complete your essay with a conclusion, neatly summarising your essay.

Psychology Research Proposal

In a research proposal, the writer will use a standard outline and explain how future research attempts to discover its truth. This outline includes an introduction in which the writer clearly describes the problem to be investigated.

A literature review follows the introduction and is a summary and review of the literature relevant to the subject matter.

The research question or hypothesis, research methods, data analysis, and statistics are next in order and are very specific and detailed processes. The research question/hypothesis describes the complex subject matter under investigation formulaically. Both have a format based upon what specific type of research is intended.

The methods section covers the participants to be included in the research, how the subject matter will be researched, what assessment instruments or techniques might be used, and how the data or information is analyzed. The results section includes what information was found.

Finally, the discussion section will include the ramifications of the results, what errors might be included in this research design, and what research could be done next on this topic.

The reference section includes all literature mentioned in this research proposal or report.

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