What is a Qualitative Research Paper?

July 6, 2022

This type of written work is related to the solution of the problem research, and it can include certain elements. It has a very standard structure.

Here are parts of a qualitative research paper:

  • Abstract (a summary of your work);
  • Introduction (explanation of what and how you are going to study);
  • Method (the way you have used to conduct your work);
  • Results (what you have figured out while writing your work);
  • Discussion (here you explain your findings);
  • Conclusion (sharing your findings with others);
  • Reference list (the relevant sources used during the writing process).

While writing a research paper, it is important to understand that you are not writing it only for yourself, but for a reader, who will not understand even the simplest idea, if you do not explain it in detail.

What Does the Word”Cite” Mean?

A quote/citation is a literal reproduction of a text fragment with obligatory reference to the source. The citation is a necessary component of any study. Written works cite references to sources from which materials, individual results, or ideas were borrowed. Such links make it possible to find the corresponding sources and verify the validity of citations. It is not recommended to start paragraphs with quotes or put one quote right after the other.

Using citations from different sources, works cited in your work must be specifically informative.

How to Critique a Qualitative Research Paper?

The critique of work demands the use of some standards. There are some methodical recommendations for understanding and critiquing qualitative research papers, which can be used while conducting a qualitative research paper outline.

For example, paying attention to:

  • the appropriation of the topic in process writing research;
  • correspondence of the chosen method;
  • suitable methods for information analysis;
  • The work’s importance and relevance (to ensure that the paper is needed in this world).

The Purpose of Writing a Qualitative Research Paper

Carrying out and writing research is a multifaceted effort. It can include intellectual and moral habits, skills, and practical skills, and, usually, it is a way of life aimed not only at the pursuit of truth but also at knowing what the truth is.

After all, the study includes finding competent quality sources and evaluating and weighing various statements, justifications, ideas, and evidence. It would help if you also learned to accept what is becoming known and state it in a clear, coherent, and clear way. The study is a much more enriching job than simply “Google searching” in t”e process of wri”ing to find answers on the Internet. It is the discipline of truth-seeking to understand.

This is an exercise in trust: confidence in the competent leadership of others and the development of the art of comprehension to form not just a point of view but a perspective view of what can be studied and reported for the benefit of others. A study can serve others to increase their cognition and, perhaps, also wisdom and insight.

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