How to Write a Research Summary

July 31, 2017

For composing a perfect research summary we will make a definition of the term. This is a piece of writing which represents a brief overview of an article or just a scientific research. Beginning to write a summary, it is necessary to analyze all the steps of the research in order to understand all its stages one by one according to different aspects of the question. As we are dealing with a summary as a piece of writing and a research as a subject, we should divide our work into two lines. 

The first line is to gather the necessary information about the rules of writing a research summary and it is also necessary to study some templates. The second one is just to study in its development in order to understand all main tips upon the topic, as it is critical to understand the subject matter and the guideline that was chosen by the student.

Initial stages of paper composition

To start writing, let’s study the required techniques. A research summary is a piece of formal custom research writing. Thus, we should use the formal style in the summary. If we are going to write a summary upon the article we should concentrate at first on its structure and follow its order. A good research article has got seven major sections: 

  • Title, 
  • Abstract, 
  • Introduction, 
  • Method, 
  • Results, 
  • Discussion, 
  • References. 

We need to read the article to feel certain that we understand the whole information. 

If we have something unknown we can also to find it in any suitable source like media, blogs, books, journal and magazine articles, expert opinions, encyclopedias, web pages or he researcher’s personal experience, asking him for an explanation. All information will be studied if not too deep but we need to know exactly the root of the research. After clearing up the content we should make a paragraph plan of the article, shortening each paragraph to one generalizing sentence. 

We will get regarding clearer information to this.

The plan will serve as a plan for writing the summary. A summary has got a certain structure and main points: introduction, main body and conclusion –

Para 1 (stating the topic) – Introduction, Para 2 (giving information about the topic that was studied by previous researches and was gathered by the article writer) and Para 3 (demonstrating the information about all stages and steps of the essay) – Main Body, Para 3 (final paragraph – showing the results of the paper) – Conclusion. 

After composing the first draft it is extremely important to read it several times, correcting mistakes or you can ask our support “I need help with my research paper“!

In addition to this, we have to take into consideration the kind of the target audience or possible readers. The main rule for performing is to write in an understandable way. Taking everything into account, this should have a scientific and innovative character and all the important details, but we have to expect the readers to be interested, but they should not struggle to understand this type of paper.

If we use direct quotes, we should emphasize their authors. We need to use at least one. 

Then readers will get some benefit. 

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