Essay Outline Format Guide

July 28, 2017

When writing an academic paper, it is always very important to stick to the correct essay outline format.

You may use the following tips in creating your own essay outline:

  1. Identify the topic of your essay. It is also very important to make a substantial and clear thesis statement. Thesis statement is usually a single sentence where the main idea and purpose of the paper are presented. When you identified the topic of your paper, make sure you will stick to it while outlining your paper.
  2. Think of the main categories and points, which you want to cover in your essay plan. According to the essay outline format you should divide your paper into such main sections – the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Write full extended sentences to each essay part. Make your plan as much detailed as possible. You may even write quotes or examples after the main statements.

In the introductory part introduce the topic of your written paper. You may also give general background information. At the end of the introductory section write thesis statement. Here you should point out the main purpose of your paper.

You can divide the main body into several paragraphs. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and at the end of the paragraph write a transition sentence. In the topic sentence you should state the main idea of the paragraph. Your task is to disclose or prove the given idea within the paragraph. Support your main idea with examples, quotations, statistics or facts. Devote the first paragraph to the literature review. Demonstrate in the next two paragraphs your findings and discussions. Use transitional words or word-expressions (e.g. that leads to the discussion, we can make a conclusion, we will talk about it in the next paragraph etc).

Conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay. That is why here you should draw conclusions as for the essay topic. Re-state the main ideas or points that you provided in your paper. But do not repeat the whole sentences; try to paraphrase them in other words. You may also return to your thesis statement. Think whether you managed to reach all the research goals and answer the research question. Give some recommendations as for the further possible way of the topic researching.

You can point the sections of the outline with the Roman or Arabic numerals.

You may also use letters of the alphabet (either capital or small).You can make either a short outline or an extended outline. If you have no time to write an extended outline, you can just put short kea phrases. Organize those phrases in a logical order, so you can easily follow the paper plan while writing your essay. If you want to include more information into your paper outline format, you can write an extended plan.

You can learn more about the essay outline format with best writers from custom writing service. You may ask them to send you the samples of essay outline or the whole essay sample. If you have no time to work on your outline, you can order custom outline that will be written according to all the standards and essay formatting rules.

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