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The Most Effective Method to structure an Essay

12 Dec 2016

Writing tasks are considered an important part of the management course. 

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These tasks help students in increasing their knowledge and developing and improving their research and writing skills. This is why they are assigned these tasks on a regular basis. These tasks usually include essays, assignments, and research or thesis paper.

All these tasks hold a large portion of the total course marks that are assigned to students only when they successfully submit these papers.

Structuring Paper in three sections

Writing a paper is not a piece of cake as there are a number of things that need to be taken care of, one of which is the structure of the paper. The structure of an assignment plays a very important role in its success. It helps in organizing the data and presenting it in an effective and impressive manner. It also helps in creating a good impression on the readers.

This is why it is considered essential for students to give proper attention to the management assignment writing format or structure if they want to impress others. Here discussed below is a guide about the structure of the assignment. It will help you in structuring your paper in three sections:

The introduction

The introduction of a paper needs to be written in a simple, clear and effective manner. Most of the readers decide to read a paper only when they find its introduction good and interesting. So, make sure your introduction is properly and effectively written. Your introduction must include:

  • Information about the topic
  • An overview of the paper to give an idea to the reader what your paper is all about and what they will find ahead in the paper.
  • Explanation about the reasons because of which you chose this topic.

Main body

The main body is the central part of the paper which includes the main argument or discussion. It needs to be written in a very effective manner by highlighting all the important points. It is divided into different paragraphs, each explaining different points of the argument.

The main body usually includes:

  • Background information about the topic
  • Explanation of the main argument or topic
  • Supporting facts, figure, evidence or examples


The conclusion is actually the summary of the whole paper. It needs to be written in a brief manner and must include all the important points discussed in the paper. The conclusion usually contains:

  • Main points of the paper
  • Conclusive final statement derived from the argument
  • Suggestions or recommendations for future research

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