Tips for College Admission Papers

December 2, 2016

Among the three components of the admissions in most colleges, an essay is the main opportunity to make an impression and stand out of the crowd. The following tips will help you prepare for the essay and thus boost your chances of getting into the desired college.

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Understand the basic requirements

For sure, you are a talented applicant, but there would be a bunch of other candidates with the same high-level scores and talents. What does admission board want from their applicants? It is rather simple – they need a student who would succeed once they are admitted and who would bring prestige to the university when he or she graduates.

Determine your goals

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, you should try to show yourself as an academically ambitious and responsible student. But look at your classwork – if you took additional classes and they show you are studious, better focus on other traits of your character.

Step aside

If you are a foreigner entering American university, you already step aside from the whole crowd of applicants – you can use your background to show why you are a perfect candidate. But keep in mind that you are not just an international student, and your nationality is not the only interesting thing about you.

Write with details

Essays including specific details are remembered much better and thus have higher chances of being chosen. Thus, instead of writing that you’ve always managed to combine doing sports with studying well, be sure to tell a story of how you’ve written an assignment while being on the bench because of the trauma you got from a ball hitting the goalpost.

Pay attention to deadlines

The application process usually differs from one university to another, so while you are writing and re-writing your essay keep a track of all the deadlines and requirements. One school may use e-mails, while another one requires the snail-mail application. Thus, make yourself a calendar with deadlines for the universities you are applying for, and break the whole preparation process into smaller sections.

Remember that timing is a key here!

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