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Customwriting.com is a versatile service that specializes also in creative writing. If you are a student or a person that is faced with the college or university assignment to write a short story, a poem or a composition then it means you are to write a piece of creative writing. Such tasks are usually aimed to open up new talents in your personality and trigger your creativity. Sometimes it gets too hard to cope with all the tasks and plans you have that is why there is no shame to turn to the help of professionals to unload yourself and get a useful and high-quality result! Creative writing online is quick and simple! A great creative writer can make a masterpiece for you!

Our services include

Academic writing and research

Article and blog writing

Сreative writing

Editing and proofreading


Technical writing

Web content


Ask our content writers about Academic writing and Research

Academic writing and research is all about custom research, report, or other type of written assignment, which make a substantial part of the studying process for every student.

Ask our content writers about Article and Blog writing

Articles and blog posts are aimed at attiring and keeping the attention of your exsisting and potential readers to your resourse or to a specific problem.

Ask our content writers about Creative Writing

By creative writing any written work with empasis on creativity is meant, e.g. a short story, a poem, or a composition. Boost your result with fresh idea 

Ask our content writers about Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading services are pretty useful when a huge amount of work was already done and just a little bit of polishing is needed. Make your content shine bright like a diamond!

Ask our content writers about Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is developing a story, autobiography, a speech, a memoir from your ideas, notes or sketches into a complete and finished content.

Ask our content writers about Technical Writing

Technical writing is all about instructions, processes, user and policy manuals, reports of analysis, where a direction, instruction, or explanation are required.

Ask our content writers about Web Content

Unique content is vital for the success of any website. Our expert authors can provide the perfect copy of a website page on any topic.

Ask our content writers about Other

Any content you might need for any purpose which was not mentioned in previous chapters.

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As a top-notch professional service, we are targeted at your needs and are constantly advancing ourselves to have even more loyal customers! No, we are eager to present you with what we have among services we provide. To place an order is so easy! You go to the website and fill in the right space. Try to state all the necessary peculiarities concerning your order and we will take them into account. Do not worry in terms of the payment process! Our policy takes care of you that is why all the information you give us concerning you personality (name, the number of the credit card etc.) is kept in secret! Confidentiality is the priority number one! There is no need to pay in advance! You just deposit the sum. You can come to terms with your assigned writer on the question of the payment and transmit the money in installments. Now you are able to control all the changes that your writer makes in your text. If you do not like something about your order just directly contact your writer and make your own changes by suggesting some ideas, making comments and objections. Only after you are completely satisfied with the order, pay for it and enjoy a perfect result! We create only authentic and quality pieces of writing which means no plagiarism is presupposed! All the writers have got Phd, MBA, doctorate diplomas and some of them are mfa.

What is special about creative writing and how it differs from other types of writing assignments?

To write a creative piece one needs to use their imagination to the fullest and to think out of the box. Poetry, literature compositions, novels, short stories, creative nonfiction are attributed to the creative writing. Rather than conveying information or facts you imaginatively describe and communicate a story or your musings with the help of literary devices that embellish the language of the text and fill it with more deep sense. Such stories are usually full of similes, anaphora, metaphors, epithets and other devices that make the flow of the text more exquisite and compelling. The text should be coherent, properly structured and attract the reader. The central idea must be strong and thought-provoking. In fact, every person can master and develop creativity. There is a set of special exercises to boost your creativity before writing at creative writing websites. The truth is the more you write, the more you advance yourself in the sphere of writing!

So, if you are really overwhelmed with daily activities and things to do, do not hesitate to contact Customwriting.com and we will help you to make a perfect piece of creative writing because the writers we assign you with are real professional with long years of experience and promising academic qualifications! The best creative writing help at Customwriting.com.


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