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Chatman Kandice
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Pardieu Elijah
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alnehayan Sheikha Fatima Hazza bin Zayed
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On average, our academic writers’ score nearly 96% on the accuracy of research, plagiarism-free contents, double-checking their work, and on-time delivery. That rate ranges from cheap to high prices depending on the complexity level, additional requirements, discipline, and deadline.

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Article writing is a major part of education. As students, you will come across different assignments where you would be required to write different types of articles and essays, which have a crucial impact on your scores and further education.

Gone are those days when students didn’t have extra assistance when it came to article writing. These days, students are becoming more cramped with too many assignments, which hardly leaves any time for any other thing. This is why customer article-writing services have become more popular.

These platforms are a great place to find help, regardless of what you’re looking for. Due to the surge in the population of these services, it might be challenging for the average student to find the best choice for them. This review is about the best custom article writing service on the internet.

CustomWriting was specially created to meet the needs of the average student. From academic writing and research to technical writing and creative writing, there are so many services they can offer.

Read further to learn more about this amazing platform and how beneficial it will be to you as a student.

Blog Article Writing Service

As a student who runs a blog, you would have many oppositions. For your blog to grow, it will require as much time as you put into your education. With the way the academic system is formed these days, that would hardly be possible. You are running around trying to catch up on so many assignments; it will be tasked to put in extra time trying to make a blog work.

Despite all these challenges, the CustomWriting blog service is available for blog writers willing to make things work. While you invest all your time and effort into your education, CustomWriting has dedicated and professional blog writers who can do the work for you.

All you have to do is reach out to the experts on this platform and get quality content before the timeframe.

What will CustomWriting do for your blog? You are probably wondering about it. Let’s check out the benefits you will enjoy from using our platform:

Improve Traffic

What is a blog without traffic? As a blog writer, you need people who will visit your blog and stay. CustomWriting understands this, and our professional blog writers will work tirelessly to ensure this happens.

We ensure catchy and relatable posts that readers can familiarize themselves with. Like Joe Pulizzi said, “A blog post should answer one key question that is of critical importance to the target audience.”

We help you create catchy posts and make sure the contents are related and constant. When you have many articles on your blog, readers tend to stay longer because they get hooked on reading. If you need a custom business plan writing service, our consultants will provide different strategies for your high grade.

Brand Development

One thing students are scared of when reaching out to our blog article writing service is the loss of uniqueness. They fear that when another creative person writes their blog post, they will lose their brand. This is far from the truth when it comes to CustomWriting.

When you reach out to any of our writers, you will find out that they ask so many questions. This is to have an idea of your identity and brand. They will also go through your blog, learn your writing style, and acquaint themselves with your brand. This way, any content they create will fit into your idea. CustomWriting is a qualified resume writing service that helps students to reach their professional goals.

“Everyone can write a post, but not everyone has that uniqueness that keeps readers glued, thirsting for more,” Josh Aperman, Social Media Edutainer.


With blog writing, SEO is vital. This will help your posts and website rank in the search engine. Our writers are SEO professionals who know exactly how engine optimization works and will include all the necessary keywords in your article for better ranking.

The Best Custom Article Writing Services

As a custom article writing platform, we do not only specialize in article and blog writing. There are a lot of other services we render, let’s get started with the details below:

Academic Writing and Research

If students were to vote on the most difficult type of writing like tech writing, this would win the poll. So many students shy away from it because they find research cumbersome and are not fully confident about their ability to ace it.

Do not worry. CustomWriting is here to sort it out for you. We have specialized writers who are well-versed in your course of study and will be able to relate better to your assignment.

Article and Blog Writing

Another type of writing that is a major part of a student’s education is essays. There are argumentative, descriptive, informative, and expository essays. It doesn’t matter which one you need; we have professionals who can do the job for you.

One major feature your article must have is the ability to hold the reader’s attention from start to finish. With CustomWriting, that is exactly what you will get.

Creative Writing

As creative writing students, you also need help. With the number of assignments you have to do, you need another creative mind to help get the bulk off your chest. Contact CustomWriting for your poems, short stories, compositions, etc.

Editing and Proofreading

Maybe you don’t need help writing. Maybe you have penned down all the words you need, but it still doesn’t sound right. Worry no more. CustomWriting offers editing and proofreading services to the best professionals in the industry. They will help you review your article and make adequate corrections, all at the most affordable price.

Technical Writing

Tech writing is also another type of writing that students find difficult because of the practicalities involved in writing. If you have been given this type of assignment as a student, you need to contact a professional who has gained quite a lot of experience by writing similar articles.

For your policy manuals, reports, instruction guides, and any technical articles contact CustomWriting immediately.

Web Content

Suppose you are a student and have a webpage that needs development. In that case, CustomWriting also offers a content writing service to help you develop your webpage and provide unique posts for your web success.

How Does Our Service Work?

No one likes to follow a complicated process before using a service, and CustomWriting understands this perfectly. This is why they have made the entire process of registration and ordering very easy.

We’ll show you the steps:

Log in to the site

The first step is to visit the platform by entering on your web browser. This address will take you directly to the website, where you can immediately start your ordering process.

Get Started

As soon as the site loads, you will find an icon, “Enter your mail to get started.” Below this icon is a checkbox where you have to enter your mail for registration. As soon as you enter your mail, you will be redirected to another page.

Place Order

On this new page, you will find all the needed requirements to place an order. First, fill in the deadline for your paper; this includes the date and time.

Next, you enter the number of pages your article would be. Keep in mind that 275 words with double spacing make one page.

Your topic comes next. To help the writer understand it better, you are required to enter the main idea behind the topic. The same goes for the instructions. Here, you will enter your preferred formatting style, references, structure, and every other detail needed to make a good paper.

Find a Writer

The next step is to find a writer who will help you with your article. There are hundreds of professional writers on the website, and you can always pick the best one for yourself based on their qualifications and experience.

Make Payments

You can add funds to your account by using either Visa or MasterCard for your payment. This is a speedy transaction, and your order will be placed as quickly as possible. Once payment is confirmed, the writer will reach out to you, and further communication can ensue.

Advantages of CustomWriting

There are many advantages attached to using CustomWriting for all your article and blog writing services.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Expert Writers

One major advantage of using CustomWriting is the availability of professional writers to work on your project. There are hundreds of writers on the site, and each one of them is an expert in their field.

When you get your order, you will realize that the quality is far beyond amateur level and informative, research-intensive, and fact-oriented.

Ease and Convenience

A lot of energy goes into writing a paper. Research alone takes several hours, or even days, then drafting, compiling, and writing. A lot of students are busy and don’t have this time.

This should in no way affect their grades, and at CustomWriting, we have put so much into providing professionals who are always on the ground to help out during tight schedules.


If you are working with a tight deadline, you know who to call. At CustomWriting, we work strictly according to the deadlines given and are punctual 99% of the time.

We understand that deadlines are important in assignment submission and have made it our goal to never disappoint a student by not getting their work to them in time.

Zero Plagiarism

We frown against plagiarism, and all our writers know these criteria. To fully enforce this, we make sure that all written works go through an editor and plagiarism checker to ensure the content is 100% original. As students, plagiarised work is met with strict consequences, and CustomWriting understands that.


We are a confidential platform that takes the privacy of every client very seriously. No one needs to find out you ordered a paper, and it will remain that way. 100% anonymity is guaranteed when you use the CustomWriting platform.

Why Choose CustomWriting?

There are so many custom writing services on the internet these days that students are spoiled for choice on which one is the best for them. If you are wondering what’s so special about CustomWriting, and why you should choose this for your articles and blog posts, then the following paragraphs are for you:

Quick Service

We have professional writers who are eager to work 24/7. This means that no matter the time of day when you place an order, there will always be a writer ready to take it up and work. This is why, whenever you are strung for time and need something urgent to be whipped up, think CustomWriting.


We understand that as students, you are always on a budget. This is why spending money to order or buy a paper might be too much to handle. CustomWriting has made this easily available to students by putting up reasonable prices for everyone. It is not about the money for us; it is about your satisfaction and happiness.

Money-back Guarantee

To prove that it is not about the money, we have a money-back guarantee that ensures that you get your cashback if you’re not satisfied with the services rendered by the platform. The majority of the article writing services there do not offer this policy.

However, at CustomWriting, we strive to ensure that you are delighted with every service you get or your money is returned to you in full.

Great Customer Service

Just like we have writers available 24/7, so do we have customer service working round the clock to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible. You can always send us a mail or call our customer care number to receive an immediate response to any complaints you might have concerning the service.

What are you waiting for? Join CustomWriting today!

How Much Should You Pay a Content Writer?

In the virtual world, content writing jobs can be divided into two categories: fixed-price jobs and hourly jobs. The fixed-price job involves getting paid a pre-agreed amount as soon as the work is ready. Hourly job implies fixing the time an author has spent on his work with the help of a special software tool.

Any successful writer respects his time and will never invest it when he is paid peanuts. The cost also depends on the type of content and its subject matter.

For complicated texts like white papers or articles that demand more insider knowledge and expertise, you will pay more. For texts that involve only general knowledge, you are going to pay less.
Any company that is interested in ordering content should know what sort of final product they want to get. Purchasing qualitative texts might be expensive, but it is worth it.

How Do I Write Content for a Website?

Being a content contributor is not only to know how to write. It also means interacting with the targeted audience worldwide using a word.

A real professional knows how to communicate with his reader in a simple and understandable word. He has his style of writing and sticks to it while writing saleable content. At the same time, a great expert never ignores common writing techniques, including:

  • Writing in a conversational tone;
  • Keeping the language simple;
  • Making the sentences short and to the point;
  • Getting to the subject matter fast;
  • Avoiding the use of passive voice;
  • Adding a new piece of information in every sentence;
  • Using a piece of humor.

The best writer doesn’t only write for his income, but more essentially, for his joy and pleasure. The most important thing any content writer has to possess is his passion. It is this passion that drives him to create his authentic masterpieces.

What Should I Write on my Website Homepage?

Your homepage is the most important page as it is seen by all visitors to your website. Its main aim is to capture the readers’ attention and make them go on studying the site. Many efforts have to be put into creating a readable and eye-catching homepage.

Here are some tips given to provide it more effective:

  • Make it concise and easy to navigate. – A modern reader needs to know the facts directly. He doesn’t care about explaining further details.
  • Use headings, subheadings, and keywords. Catchy headings, as well as informative subheadings, enable you to break off long paragraphs and direct a reader. To boost your homepage position on search engines, use keywords in the headings and subheadings too.
  • Create authentic and mistake-free articles. Misspelled words or sentences that don’t make sense will detract visitors from your page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to have someone write an article?

The price of an article depends on a lot of factors. Most importantly, the number of pages is a big factor. The nature of the article is also another determinant. Generally, a more qualified tutor will require higher payment for an article.

What is the best content writing service?

CustomWriting is the best choice for content writing services. You will find professionals on the platform who have adequate experience and expertise.

Need help with writing your content? Contact us today.

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