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The Best Personal Statement Writing Service

With each passing time, college and university admissions are becoming more and more competitive. Good grades and excellent results are not adequate for students to prove their worth to recruiting committees. They have to write various personal statements pointing out why they should be considered for admission and not the others. However, it is not in every student's forte to write a statement in one breath. And that's where we extend our hands to those struggling students.

We here at CustomWriting provide professional personal statement writing services, which take care of not just grammar and plagiarism but also the correct tone of the language, proper choice of academic vocabulary, format and structure of the statement, and the body of text that boasts of confidence. Each of our writings is highly customized so that you can get admitted to your desired choice of college.

What Can We Guarantee?

Our team of writers has years of experience in writing custom academic and professional writings. With 88% positive customer feedback, we guarantee original and personalized statement writing that is tailor-made just for you. You can have access to our 24/7 customer service as well as a quick response team that will cater to your specific needs. Moreover, your purchase comes with a free 14-day revision where you can request as many edits as you like to reach the level of perfection that you desire. And even after availing of all our services, if you are not satisfied, you can still ask for refunds. Your subscription comes with a sound money-back guarantee.

Therefore, be it the grammar, vocabulary, format, syntax, structure, language, tone, or guidance, CustomWriting is your one-stop solution to everything - and that too at a fair price!     

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Why Do The Students Struggle Writing A Personal Statement?

There are a lot of factors and features that need to be followed strictly in writing a personal statement. Students are often preoccupied with a mounting amount of assignments and homework. In addition to that, not many students are well-versed when it comes to following the rules of writing an academic paper and maintaining coherent grammar simultaneously.

It is not enough for a personal statement to just maintain the grammar, check for plagiarism, use academic vocabulary, and keep a formal tone of the language. It turns out that there is more to it than just what meets the eyes. The hardest part of writing a professional personal statement is maintaining the order of the elements of the structure of the text.

What Makes the Personal statement Writing Good?

There is a host of factors that need to be accounted for in order to produce a proper personal statement, such as:

  • Being Original: Personal statement is unique to each and every single student. Therefore, having an original idea that is plagiarism free is the first proper step toward writing a sound personal statement.

  • Following the Structure: Like every academic paper, there is a well-written structure that needs to be followed throughout. It also enhances the readability of your work and improves your understanding of what you are trying to convey.

  • Maintaining Good Grammar: No matter how skillful you are or how important your work is, if your grammar is not recognizable, then professors and academicians cannot evaluate the merit of your work.

  • Choosing Right Vocabulary: If you want to get admission to some university, the first thing you have to maintain is to develop a library of academic vocabulary. Your personal statement will not sound professional or formal if your choice of vocabulary is not academic.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are other essential factors that you have to keep in mind when you sit to write a good personal statement. Our company, CustomWriting, is a one-stop solution that covers all the above-mentioned factors along with other additional features.

Why Should You Choose CustomWriting?

Glad that you've asked. Why should you choose us and not the other competitors? Well, for a start, we ensure that every single of our paper produced here is 100% plagiarism-free original paper. We go to great lengths to make sure each of our writing is unique and different.

Delivering high-quality standards is something that we take pride in. We relentlessly work with students to make sure the paper writing follows the given guidelines without deviating from academic norms.

Another special feature that we provide here is the matching writing style with that of our customers. Our talented writers can mimic any style of writing when provided with written examples of the customers' previous works.

Confidentiality of your personal statement is guaranteed here. We can safely assure you that your commissions have no traces outside other than within our platform.  

What About the Writers?

Our writers have long years of experience writing all types of academic papers, proposals, and reports. Most of them are native English speakers who can handle all the requirements of your personal statement without flinching.

They are very punctual when it comes to finishing writing within due deadlines. That's why we have a success rate of 98.5%, with only a small number of refunds.

You can request free reviews from us as many times as you wish. We work tirelessly with our student customers to ensure that he or she is satisfied with our delivery.

With 24/7 customer service, a quick refund policy, 30-days money-back guarantees, and privacy protection services, we here at CustomWriting provide not only personal statement writing services but also custom personal statement writing services and so on - at only $11 starting price. 

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The List of Services That We Provide at CustomWriting

Our customer is our first priority. You don't have to take my words as our services listed below can speak for themselves.

  • All of our custom personal statements are original and plagiarism-free. Originality is something we ensure greatly.

  • We spend a great amount of time making sure our writings are free from grammatical errors.

  • Our board of experienced writers has a long record of delivering works of the highest quality. It became a tradition here to prioritize quality writing over anything else.

  • Deadlines are strictly maintained here as we are aware that most of our customers are students of various backgrounds.

  • Our specialty lies in delivering a personal statement that mimics your style of writing. This is to protect your privacy and make sure that no one can frown at your writing style.

  • You can request as many edits as your want with your single purchase. We work relentlessly with our customers so that they are satisfied with the final results.

  • We have 24/7 customer service that is just one click away from being at your service.  

  • Your purchase comes with a quick refund policy and a good money-back guarantee. Starting only at $11 per paper, CustomWriting can provide you with all sorts of services so that you can have your personal statement done in a short time.

How Our Writers Can Help You

Whether you are looking for custom personal statement writers or personal statement professional writers, our expert team can aid you with everything.  

  1. Our writers can help you choose a topic. If you feel clueless about where you should start first, we can come to your rescue.

  2. They can construct a thesis for you. This thesis will act as the backbone of your entire personal statement.

  3. They can provide you with resource materials. As most of the writers have experience in different academic fields, they can gather source materials for you.

  4. They can give you access to credible citations. Our writers have access to sites like JSTOR and hence can help you with up-to-date citations for your paper.

Feedbacks and Reviews

Most of the reviews that we get from our customers here are of satisfaction. That is why we have about a 98.5% success rate with only a small number of customers asking for full refunds. And you do not have to take my words for it. Let one of our satisfied customers describe our services.

"I’m very glad I stumbled upon this website. It was my first time writing an actual personal statement, and I had no clue about how to write it. But thanks God, I met Sophia. She’s an amazing writer who helped me complete each part of my paper step by step. I highly recommend this.”  

Whether it is a personal statement writer for hire or a custom personal statement writer, you can pick any writer of your own choice out of 300+ experts. You can also share your feedback with us so that we can customize our services best suited for your need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Personal Statement?

It usually costs around $200 to $500 to hire an individual writer for a 10,000-word long personal statement. However, at CustomWriting, you can get the same service (with additional ones as well) starting only at $11 per paper.

2. Are Custom Personal Statement Writing Services Legit?

Yes, they are very much legit. Though, there are a lot of sites that scam people for money. But platforms like our CustomWriting have a long record of good work ethics.

3. What Is the Best Custom Personal Statement Writing Service?

There are a growing number of websites that can provide custom personal statement writing services. However, not everyone can guarantee high-quality writing. We here at CustomWriting always make sure the writings that we deliver are of the highest quality in the market.

Do you want to make avail of these custom personal statement writing services at a fair price?

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In Conclusion

In a growing market of writing services, there are a lot of competitors now that offer similar services at varying prices. Though, it is not in everyone’s forte to deliver or guarantee good quality of writing that follows the customers’ requirements strictly. 

Be it a personal statement writer service or custom personal statement writing service, CustomWriting is your one-stop solution to everything - and that too at a lower price.


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