Tips For Writing College Entrance Essay

January 12, 2017

The purpose of an entrance essay is to persuade the committee by gently showing how you are different.

If you decide to enter a higher educational establishment, most probably, you will need to write an entrance essay.

Definition of college entrance essay

A college entrance essay is a type of academic written piece that a college applicant must submit along with other application materials to a higher educational establishment in order for the application committee to decide whether the applicant is worth entering the school or not. In simple terms, however, a college entrance essays is an essay, which you have to write to get admitted to college.

When the committee reads your application essay, they decide whether or not you have the necessary background knowledge to enter that particular college. If they see that you have the knowledge, then you will, most probably, enter the school.

On the other hand, if they decide you do not have the necessary prerequisites, then they may consider it a waste of time to teach you these prerequisites, so they decline.

Tips to write effective college entrance essays

The first step to writing successful college entrance essays should be to strategize an approach and decide which themes you most want to discuss.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself when writing an entrance essay include:

  •     What makes me unique?
  •     What do I have to offer this college?
  •     Why do I really want to attend this college?
  •     What are my strengths and weaknesses as an applicant?
  •     Why should they accept me over another applicant with similar grades and SAT or ACT scores?

After spending some time thinking about these questions, you should develop an idea of what types of statements you want to make in your entrance essay, i.e. your standardized test scores are relatively higher than your grades because you faced a personal crisis your freshman and sophomore years. However, do not rush to include everything, learn the do’s and don’t of college essays first.

Obviously, there are myriads of topics that may be appropriate for you based on your very unique background and circumstances.

But regardless of which topic you choose, remember that any college entrance essay must persuade the admission committee that you are more than eligible for that school, college, or university.

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