Discursive Essay Writing Ideas: Top 20 Examples

August 2, 2017

If you are going to write a discursive or argumentative essay, you need to keep in mind that these essays raise questions that should be debated within the tenets of the civic society as well as within the academia. These questions are not binary in nature and whatever you write in response to such a question would be open to interpretation and counter-arguments. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing a topic as you may not get the second chance to convince your readers.

But before that, you should know what kinds of topics are usually covered in discursive essays. Here are some useful tips along with some topic suggestions for you.

Top 20 examples

  • Do social media sites hold responsibility for creating isolation?
  • Should firearms be allowed within college campuses?
  • Do children benefit from team games, especially when another team member receives some reward or recognition?
  • Is modern society overtly dependent on and somewhat enslaved by technology?
  • Should all school students asked to attend parenting classes?
  • Does the present day school session begin too early?
  • Should there be a bar on minimum wage or it needs to be increased?
  • Should all elementary schools impart handwriting training?
  • Should toddler vaccinations be made mandatory?
  • Are security systems and cameras a serious breach of privacy?
  • Should all citizens be permitted to pet exotic animals?
  • Should there be a more relaxed uniform dress code in today’s workplaces?
  • Is it at all ethical and moral to sentence juveniles to death penalty?
  • Should the big corporations be permitted to put up advertisements in schools?
  • Should all sorts of public transportation be declared free of cost for all and sundry?
  • Is professional association football far too dangerous for pros and amateurs?
  • Should kids be permitted to get tattooed (even if with parental consent)?
  • Should fracking for natural gas exhaling be banned?
  • Should college education be declared free of cost for all and sundry?
  • Should terminally ill patients be allowed to choose death instead of prolonged pain and agony?

You might still be looking for new topics (which you should be) but you will be amazed to know that there are hundreds of free and paid online resources from where you can get host of useful tips. For example, you may get quick help from efficient CustomWriting service and move on.

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