How to Write an Expository Essay

October 20, 2022

The expository essay differs from other types of texts in that it requires expressing your point of view on a certain issue or topic and explaining it with evidence.

The essence of the work is a discussion with an imaginary opponent. Next, we will understand how to write an expository paragraph and why you need quotations and arguments.

Basic Word Processing

Now let’s understand how to start an expository essay. Texts of this type usually include an analysis of a particular topic, which is done with the help of statistics, and references to various studies and reports.

That is, facts are more important here than feelings in descriptive essays. Therefore, even in first-person narration, the author should avoid expressing his or her own attitude to the situation or emotions.

As a rule, a thesis statement or someone’s opinion is given as an assignment for such an expository essay. You can agree with it or refute it. Thus, expressing their position on this subject.

Sometimes the assignment is supplemented with a text. Then the powerful essay must reflect the opinion on its content. This is followed directly by reasoning, during which arguments are given to explain the above view. The paper concludes with a summary and conclusion.

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The introduction should lead the reader to the disclosure of the topic, which, as a rule, is formulated in the form of a question or contains a quote. As you begin the assignment, you should already know the answer. This question may occupy different positions in the text.

But it must be directly related to the argument. If you put the answer at the beginning of your essay, it should be followed by a justification for what you said. If the reply is at the end of your paper, it is taken as the conclusion of the preceding reasoning.

In addition to answering the question, you must give examples to illustrate the problem at hand. Argumentation involves both quoting and the use of case studies.

However, too many citations can have a negative effect on the work: the good text will be perceived as more difficult, and the reader may get the impression that you are not competent enough in this matter and cannot present your arguments. They should be linked to each other.

Before you start working on the draft, for clarity on a separate sheet, make a prop. Write down the question of the assignment below – the reply to it. Pay attention to how it corresponds to the topic, then under the answer, write down and below select the arguments.

Main Part

This is the largest part of the essay. Its optimal size is two-thirds of the entire article. Here you can also refer to the “Rule of Three”, which helps to write an expository essay. The essence is that you need to give three arguments to prove it. They should be from different spheres of life.

As a clue suggests the following scheme:

  • The first argument is from science. Here you can list some results of research and analysis of statistical data. For example, write that according to statistics, happy people are less sick and much more productive.
  • The second argument from the arts. It can be examples of fiction or cases from the biographies of famous personalities.
  • The third argument is based on personal experience. Describe some specific cases from the life of their own or close people. Such stories add vividness and sincerity to the text.

Arguments are better placed in order of increasing importance. That is, the most convincing one should come third, and the least relevant one must come first.

But it is important to understand that the goal of the text should not be to bend the reader to your side and make him or her think the same way. Arguments must only clarify the position of the essay’s author and give the reader something to think about.

Ending the Paper

In the end, when checking the work, read the whole text again and see how logical it is: whether there are enough arguments and whether they are convincing. Use only verified facts.

Look at the ratio of parts: there is no imbalance when the central part is smaller than the introduction. If there are words in the text that you are unsure about spelling, it is better to replace them with synonyms.

An expository essay usually uses many introductory words and expressions. They should be highlighted with commas. Unpleasant shortcomings in the text are repetitions. They are especially noticeable if you read your work aloud. Check yourself if the essay is assigned to you as homework. In other cases, you will have to rely on your attention.


Now you know how to write an expository essay step by step. You need to practice regularly to create easily. It is not necessary to write large articles.

You can practice the skill on a small text as well. Adhering to the above tips, the student will easily be able to write a quality paper.

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