Macbeth and Hamlet Argumentative Paper Sample

September 21, 2022

Two of the most claimed studies under Shakespeare’s works are those of “Hamlet” and “Macbeth”. While “Hamlet” is a rather extended play with an intense diatribe on the complexities of human nature, including a play within a play theme, “Macbeth” is a rather short one that quickly leads the protagonist to self-destruction and downfall.

“Hamlet” as a play is much different from “Macbeth,” Although they have many shared themes, including political notions of right heirs and usurpation, the two protagonists are very different. The examples of these two plays bring in two very diverse treatments of tragedies that the genius of Shakespeare was capable of.

Macbeth comes as the play’s antagonist, while our sympathies largely tilt towards him no matter what Hamlet does. Macbeth began as a loyal vassal but continued his downward projection of ambitions fueled by the prophecies and his evil wife.

Unchecked in his hunger for power, he goes beyond all humane considerations. Even though his mind is always debilitating between decisions and trying to question his actions, he is swept down by the helpful current of cruel intentions to fuel his ambitions.

On the other hand, Hamlet becomes murdered for a cause, and the revenge of his father’s murder becomes him more loyal seething anger propels him to those actions. Hamlet became more like the avenging angel who wanted to bring peace to his father’s soul and ended up with multiple murders in his question for justice and truth and even ending himself. Hamlet’s loss of balance and deep depression inculcates greater sympathy from the viewers and readers.

Also, Hamlet is this young man, almost naïve and hurt for holding up his high ideals saved for the world around him, which he cannot make peace with.

The play is a tragedy that tries to save the balance in a world that has lost its place in ideals and typical values.

On the other hand, Macbeth is an autumnal character who could have been weighed wiser with the intensity of political and administrative awareness he would have gained. But he comes from the point of planned treachery though he does not get propelled to them by sole motives alone. He gets conjoined help for his plans through the supernatural spirits and his wife and gets drowned in the tide, ultimately killing him.

In some way, he had lost control over his cruise even though he was trying to control every aspect of his moves. In the case of Hamlet, there is a predisposed surrender. He had always been without any personal ambition but been driven by the cause of justice much greater than himself.

This way, he could be seen as opposed to surrendering his life from the very beginning of the play. paper help is here to help you write your essay!

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