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March 19, 2019

Getting enrolled in NYU is equal to winning a jackpot for a successful career. It is a dream of many students regardless of NYU strict admissions policy and high academic requirements. NYU is equipped with state-of-art technologies and employs the world’s brightest minds to prepare new generations of the most qualified scientists, doctors, and professionals.

These benefits come with tough competition and comparatively low admission rates that impose obstacles to the achievement of the brightest dreams.

However, if you are academically competent and your test scores together with extracurricular leadership activities prove this fact, you are more than welcome to grow professionally within New York University.

Applying To NYU: A Quick Guide

If you ever wondered “What are my chances of getting into NYU,” this quick guide would be of interest to you.

Regardless of the country of your citizenship, first-year or transfer students have to know a few common things needed to apply to NYU. The only requirement that differs is a standardized English language test for foreigners and ESL students.

In order to apply to NYU, you need to complete the Common Application online that is required for all applicants, including those who apply to Abu Dhabi or Shanghai programs.

Then, you will have to proceed with the collection of all documents needed to prove your educational background and skills. Some creative specialties require an audition or specific artistic portfolio to get into the competition.

If you studied overseas in the language, other than English, you need to provide English language testing that would prove your ability to study in English.

However, if the previous three years of your education were taught in English solely, you may not need this testing. You should also provide official transcripts of your academic success and midyear report if you are currently a senior.

You also need to submit a letter of recommendation together with your test results. Additional materials may be required for certain undergraduate programs. $80 application fee applies unless you are subject to a fee waiver.

What Is NYU’s Acceptance Rate & Admissions Requirements?

NYU admission rate is very high which makes the university nearly as competitive as the Ivy League. It makes the university highly selective, placing it among the most reputable universities worldwide.

However, you have all chances to be among these luckiest students should your application meet certain criteria.

They are the following:

  1. GPA requirements: Admissions committee require you to meet or exceed a threshold to apply for the desired program.
  2. Testing requirements, including SAT and ACT requirements.
  3. Other application requirements, including leadership activity and personal statement essay.

If you fail to get the required number of scores and points for each of these requirements, there is a very low chance to be admitted. The competition is tough, and other students will make sure they get the expected results.

GPA, SAT And ACT Requirements

The acceptance rate for NYU makes the school selective in terms of GPA, SAT and ACT scores. Its high standards state only the bare minimum needed to apply.

Some schools do not even specify GPA requirements, while NYU has it as high as 3.7 out of 4.0. Many applicants who graduate high school or college fail to keep their academic performance as excellent as it is required.

However, those who manage to succeed in this criterion have really high chances of being enrolled. GPA really matters for the admissions committee since it shows that your results are above average.

To get such high GPA, you have to excel at each subject, getting a mix of A’s and B’s with A’s prevailing. In order to make up for your GPA, you can also attend AP or IB classes. However, you need to prove that you can handle tasks better than an average student.

Average SAT score for NYU is 1382 out of 1600. In terms of this criterion, NYU is moderately competitive. However, getting this parameter is not a guarantee of your admission. It is just permission for you to apply.  You need to get more than 1490 in order to move up to the above average level among your competitors.

Average ACT scores for NYU are not determined since the school makes an emphasis on SAT scores. However, you should take the ACT with a result close to the absolute maximum, your scores can be translated into SAT scale.

NYU Acceptance Rate: How Difficult Is It To Get It?

The NYU acceptance rate of 2019 is around 19%. It means that for every 100 applicants, only 19 are admitted. It makes the school extremely difficult to get in but highly prestigious to graduate. All its locations, including New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai provide ample opportunities for the most talented students worldwide.

Applicants from around the globe compete for a place in NYU which makes it even harder to win the competition. Although the requirements are standardized, some students get places for outstanding achievements and notable accomplishments. You have to strive to outperform others in order to get accepted into the world’s best school.

Apart from that, you are likely to be asked to submit your personal statement where you should stress your interest in NYU. Think of the things that make this school special and describe how it makes you feel when you think that you are enrolled. Visualization technique shows your passion and really helps in writing a perfect admission essay for any school.

How Does One Get Into NYU?

NYU has a reputation of the top 30 world’s best university. It benefits from its professors, location, and alumni that all together contribute to the school’s glory and image. The university strives to provide students with a diverse learning environment, inviting and enrolling the largest number of international students annually. The general statistics say that over 20% of students in the class are non-US citizens.

NYU seeks students who can make a measurable income and expand their horizons. When one gets into NYU, he or she immediately discovers a new world where talents, skills, knowledge, and abilities are emphasized. You have the means and abilities to develop, research, experiment and share knowledge with people who can support your ideas and add to them.

Many students want to study at this university because it offers a global education in an urban environment. All of its divisions and international campuses are united by the mission to develop the brightest minds for the benefit of the world. Thus, when you get into NYU, you get into the new world, aiming to broaden your worldview and skills.

However, it is important to apply to the right school that would celebrate your talents in full and provides you with an opportunity to grow and develop. We suggest that you should conduct research on the NYU’s schools and locations before your application to get a better idea of their history and mission.

You also need to demonstrate that you are passionate about learning and curious about science and art behind every discipline. Your extracurricular involvement and leadership experience would positively add up to your personality and provide the admissions committee with extra information that supports your application.

What If You Get Rejected?

If you have decided that NYU is the right place for you but do not meets its requirements this year, you can take a gap year and reapply during the next readmissions cycle. The same rule applies if you tried but was not selected.

However, you should mind that the acceptance rate is very low, and it may take years for you to try and reapply. At the same time, some other reputable schools would gladly accept you should you nearly miss the NYU criteria.

You can study there and try to transfer to NYU if you have your heart set on it. Sometimes, having a plan B or admission writing service can really help you with your admission.

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