The Most Appealing Persuasive Speech Topics

January 2, 2019

While studying at university, students are often asked to write persuasive speeches. However, many of them have a vague understanding of what this speech is about and how to write it to sound persuasive. Like any other academic task, persuasive speech has its logical structure and breadth of persuasive speech topics, however, in this case, they are aimed at convincing the audience to accept a certain point of view. However, not all audiences can be persuaded, and not all perspectives can reach persuasion. The ultimate goal is to make the audience at least re-think or reconsider its current opinion.

What is a Persuasive Speech and Why Do We Need to Write It?

There are no stronger means of communication than a spoken word. From the past to the present, humans appealed to each other through powerful messages expressed in words and speeches. To sound more organized and logical, it is important to write a persuasive speech as a specific type of speech that is delivered to the audience with purpose. It may be either to accomplish certain goals or to convince the audience about a particular point of view. A good persuasive paper, be it formal or personal, intends to make a change in others and bring a new perspective. It raises questions that are on the rise to make people aware and concerned.

Persuasive speech is often confused with an informative one — the latter aims at informing the audience about a specific topic. They may be different, from socio-economic issues to recent developments in IT. Persuasive speeches aim to persuade the audience or to convince it to adopt a certain belief. Good persuasive speech topics vary from community-specific problems to issues of global importance. Many speeches combine elements of both informative and persuasive speeches.

How to Write a Great Persuasive Speech

The best persuasive speeches are not written in a hurry. You should take your time to review interesting persuasive speech topics and decide which one appeals to you the most. Choose the best of persuasive topics and think of the heated debates you could spawn regardless of your position. The more controversial your topic is, the better.

 To succeed in your writing, you should research the topic in detail. It is important to determine the pros and cons of the topic and decide which side will benefit from your advocacy. You should also try to understand your audience’s dominant perspective. You should either strengthen their opinion or persuade them from your point of view. We advise you to analyze all obstacles that prevent your audience from accepting your point of view. It is hard to thwart myths if you have limited knowledge of them.

It is a good idea to come up with your strategy of presenting your arguments. You should not only diffuse the tension but also add some fun to catch the audience’s attention. Your main ideas should flow naturally and stick to the topic. In the end, you should put these ideas all together to make a final powerful claim. Your conclusion is what hooks your audience and make it think your topic over.

The Top 55 List of the Most Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics in 2019

 If you are lost and seeking ideas to write about in your project, here is the list of topics for a persuasive speech that may be useful for high school students and university students:

  • How the Internet changed our life?
  • Why is school uniform an obsolete practice?
  • Parents should spend more time with their kids nowadays
  • Schools should steer clear from politics
  • Parents should be more responsible for their kids’ healthy diet
  • Restaurants should take part in the anti-obesity national program
  • Adults under 21 should be allowed to consume alcohol
  • Parents should undertake all responsibility for their child’s wrongdoings
  • Breastfeeding in public places
  • Boys and girls in school should study separately
  • GMO in food products: good or bad?
  • Felons and inmates charged with felonies should be allowed to vote
  • Higher education should be made free for all citizens
  • Fossil fuels should be replaced with alternative energy options
  • Euthanasia should be allowed
  • Death sentence should be reinforced
  • Capital punishment is a crime
  • Illegal immigrants lead to a crime rate increase
  • Children should be limited in video games playing time
  • Social networking: people are becoming lonely
  • Equal representation of genders in sport
  • Americans should be more concerned about domestic terrorism
  • The problem of identity theft
  • Suicidal intentions of young people result from bullying
  • Cyberbullying should be recognized as a criminal offense
  • All countries should refrain from cyber attacks
  • Recycling philosophy should be replaced with refusal to use plastic
  • Immigration problems are a source of social disorders
  • Fast food restaurants should not sell food to children without their parent’s consent
  • Teen moms should receive greater support
  • Capital punishment for child molesters
  • Education and art in prisons should be supported
  • Advertising of certain goods should be limited
  • Current tax system decreases the share of middle class
  • All citizens should be granted equal access to health care services and products
  • All educated people should volunteer to tutor the poor
  • Human behavior is dictated by bringing up and society
  • What impacts more: nature or nurture?
  • Religion should enlighten people’s hearts rather than call for cruelty
  • Telling the truth is not always the best way to go
  • Wealth accumulated by certain families belongs to all people
  • Polygamy should be allowed
  • Every family need to have a plan to prepare for natural disasters
  • Freedom of religion should be granted for all
  • Grades should not be considered the main factor characterizing child’s learning development
  • Children should be free from homework
  • School children should help in school administration
  • Both parents should be certified to have children
  • Genetics of Intelligence
  • Good and evil exist among us
  • There is always room for improvement. Perfection is unreachable
  • Selfish people are happier than the selfless
  • Humans are guided by their animal instincts
  • Technologies lead us to the end of the world
  • Chronic mental patients should live in the community they are used to.

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