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January 18, 2018

Writing a research proposal is a challenge for every Ph.D. applicant. Not only will you need to decide what will be the topic of your major project (to which, by the way, you will devote the following few years of your life), you also have to convince the university in the relevance and significance of your idea! This task can be quite confusing for the majority of students, especially those, who lack the necessary skills and knowledge or experience in conducting such a big study.

How to handle it? Although there are many things to keep in mind and many varying requirements, in this post, we have gathered the basic principles of this assignment to help you perform it faster and easier.

The Definition Of Research Proposal

Research Proposal – is a Document that is typically written by a scientist or academic which describes the ideas for an investigation on a certain topic.

What is its goal? This is a quite responsible task. A research proposal, as a rule, is submitted by a student who applies to a PhD program and its purpose is to present your idea for a study and prove the university that this study is relevant and significant. Based on it, a university decides whether it should support your study or not. Thus, it is important to make it right.

Writing a research proposal students are required to provide extensive reviews on various sources of information, demonstrate excellent research and analyzing skills, prepare clear and solid evidence, and make a significant contribution to the study of a particular matter. Also, a good proposal includes a detailed information about the investigation methods that you are planning to use as well as the outcomes that you are planning to get.

Creating An Outline

A good research proposal should be well-planned. Therefore, it is vital to create a detailed outline before you start writing it. As a rule, the format of the whole work depends on the area of study, but below is the standard format that can apply to the majority of topics:

  1. Title;
  2. The concise explanation of the project’s details (try to answer these questions: what it is about, what the key problems are, what the subject of your study is, what the main research questions are, and other);
  3. Project’s rationale and background (explain why a particular matter should be studied, why it is important, and what contribution it can make to the science or society in the future, also, tell about the past investigations of the stated problem);
  4. Methodology (in this part you will have to suggest appropriate methods of research that you think can help you investigate the matter, answer the stated research questions, and find new solutions to the problem);
  5. Bibliography (this section will include the bibliographical information about each used source of information).

What Is The Structure Of Such Paper?

The basic structure looks like this:

Introduction (short, 1-2 sentences long)

  1. A small intro to the problem;
  2. Statement of the research subject;
  3. Thesis statement;

Detailed reviews of the relevant literature

  1. The problem’s background;
  2. Theories and past discoveries related to your issue;
  3. Previously offered solutions to the problem;

Chosen methods of research

  1. Indication of the chosen form of study;
  2. Location where you plan to conduct your research;
  3. Data collection methods that will be used;
  4. An approximate outline of the sources that you may need;


  1. Summary of the conducted study;
  2. The contribution of the research to the development of a specific area of science;
  3. Explanation of how the obtained results can help in the further investigation of the matter.

Research Proposal Template

Using the structure provided above, you should be able to write your proposal without any major issues. The whole document should be between 5-10 pages. However, if you need to make the process even easier – consider looking for a template. A good template already contains all the necessary sections in a proper sequence and format, and thus, all you need to do is to fill in the gaps with the details of your project.

What Is The Correct Project Proposal Format?

Although there are many specific nuances that are determined by the educational establishment and discipline for which you are conducting your study, there are some standard requirements that you should also be aware of. As a rule, this paper should be about 1 000-3 000 words long. It has to be divided into sections, follow a proper structure, contain relevant headings and subheadings, and include a complete list of literature, documents, websites, and other sources that have been used. Other format requirements have to be provided by your university.

How To Find The Best Topic?

Here are the top 15 topic ideas for different subjects:

  1. The importance of planning for modern businesses;
  2. Early diagnostics of cancer;
  3. The role of advertising and efficient strategies;
  4. New ways of fighting racial discrimination;
  5. The importance of cognitive psychology;
  6. The influence of politics on the everyday life;
  7. The most modern and effective business strategies;
  8. The history and evolution of religion;
  9. Innovative methods of teaching;
  10. The role of technology in the modern education;
  11. The importance of methodology for a research;
  12. The proper approach to the problematic student;
  13. The importance of early education for the personal development;
  14. Japanese-American internment in concentration camps during World War II;
  15. Partnerships as a base for right economic policy.

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